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If you feel extraoridinarily generous, my only two wishes are: Great battles and Gangland. Thanks!
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SirEyeball: then tell me don't downrep me
retsuseiba: But that's exactly what I did.

thank you that is the proper way of communicating+1
I would love to try any of the<span class="bold">Might &amp; Magic </span> games that are the daily deal! I loved those kind of games growing up, but never actually played a game in the original Might & Magic series. Thanks for reading!
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Bought it anyway, nvm!
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Heroes of might and magic III, 50% off now:) Thank you! if anyone gets one to share please
Little wishlist

-Rollercoaster Tycoon: Deluxe
-Blood (one unit whole blood)
-Vampire the masquerade - redemption
-Painkiller Black Edition
-Blood 2 : the chosen + expansion
-Bloodrayne 2
-JAGGED ALLIANCE: DEADLY GAMES ! <----- most wanted, pls
-Gothic 3
-Gothic : Forsaken gods enchanced edition
high rated
koli300: Little wishlist
-JAGGED ALLIANCE: DEADLY GAMES ! <----- most wanted, pls
Check PM.
I see there is a line forming for the Might and Magic Pack. *looks around timidly and takes a number*.
Haven't seen this particular bundle in the library before so maybe taking a lucky chance by posting here. Regardless of what happens, thanks to all who contribute in this thread, silently or prominently.
If y'all fine folks are feelin' generous, it'd make my day if i got FTL..
Reposting the top games on my wishlist that are on sale in case someone is feeling generous.
-Arcanum of Steamworks and Magick Obscura
-M.A.X. + M.A.X. 2
-Heroes of Might and Magic 3
-Total Annihilation
-Empire Earth: Gold Edition
-Dark Reign + Expansion
Thanks in advance!
I would be extremely happy if someone would be so generous and help a prospective teacher to play a few games :))


Thanks in advance!
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In case someone is feeling generous, my wishlist is :-)

Theme Hospital
Betrayal at Krondor
Pirates! Gold Plus
B-17 Flying Fortress
Empire Earth Gold Edition
Straflight 1+2
The Bards Tale
Might & Magic Six Pack

James :-)
Any of the Daedalic adventures currently on promo would be great.
Thanks for considering.
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