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if some benevolent person could help me out from the current promo on my #1 pick, i would be most grateful.

Gothic 3
If someone would gift me <span class="bold">Tropico Reloaded</span> or <span class="bold">Thief Gold</span>, I would be very grateful.

Thank you for reading!
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My wanted games on promo:

The Guild
Dark Fall
Dark Fall 2

Thanks if anyone feels generous :)
As my last request, could someone gift me Painkiller Black?

Thanks in advance!
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Well thanks to Dischord's amazing generosity, I have been gifted one of the games I asked for. Therefore, I wouldn't feel right about continuing to ask for the other game. So I'll take back my request for the other game and give someone else a better chance at a lovely gift. Thanks again Dischord. :)
Gothic 3
Gothic 3: Forsaken Gods Enhanced Edition
Spellforce 2: Shadow Wars
Spellforce 2: Dragon Storm
Thanks :)
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Dear Hogfather,

for Hogswatch i want nothing more than Edna & Harvey.

I left you some cookies and plum pudding.
Just reposted wishlist

Aquanox 2

Thx for reading :)
My current wishlist :

Wing Commander 4
Carmaggedon (Entered Advent Calendar day 2 to try and win this!)

Thanks for looking :)
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I bought a Gothic 2 game just now and checked out some its game discussion. According to them its much better to play the first game before the other series. So anyone willing to gift a gothic 1 game?
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Symphony ( looks really nice.

I guess that would be the only game on my wishlist right now.

Thanks a lot in advance!
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Thank you dischord!

Now to find his reply (I was off for a while).
Stuff I want the most from the current promo:

-Painkiller: Black Edition
-Gothic 2
Gothic 2 Gold would be amazing. Thanks in advance and happy holidays to you :)