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If someone has a git code for DIe by the Sword or MDK i will gladly take it.

Thanks :)
benderz: Kingpin: Life of Crime
Thank you :-)
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Given the weekend sale my updated wishlist is :

Ultima Underworld (Missed it last weekend)

Wallace & Gromit - Gratefully received from CowboyBebop Thankyou :)
Tales of Monkey Island
Earthworm Jim 1&2

Receiving any of these titles as a gift from a fellow GOGer would be awesome :)
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Well, money issues forced me to pass on the PWYW Interplay promo. So, it's quite nice this promo has came up.

With the giveaways I'm doing right now plus other unavoidable commitments, I really can't afford to buy any of the following games. Rest assured though, I really, really want them.

Freespace + Expansion
Redneck Rampage Collection

If any of my awesome fellow GOGers could gift me any of these I would be extremely grateful. I also always pay forward any gifts I get with giveaways etc. when I'm able. :)
I could give a good home for any of these games, if anyone felt like gifting:

Castles 1 + 2
Descent 1 + 2
Descent 3 + Expansion
Earthworm Jim 1 + 2

Thanks for reading! Hope everyone had a good weekend!
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My wishlist:

Back to the Future
Tales of Monkey Island
Freespace 2
Giants: Citizen Kabuto

Thanks if anyone is feeling generous.
A tittle bump for me before the promo ends....for Wallace and Gromitt!
Well I'm pretty strapped for cash now, as in, almost two weeks behind on the rent strapped for cash. So in an early Christmas present kind of way, it'd be nice if someone would be a gentleman or gentlewoman and gift me one of the HoMM series. Whatever one they think is best, since I'll take their recommendation over my own guesswork, though reading the GOG reviews it does seems like HoMM3 is the best one. If not that, Ultima Underworld has recently caught my eye as an interesting and atmospheric game.
My little wishlist.

From the Interplay promo:

- Freespace 2
- Giants: Citizen Kabuto
- Earthworm Jim 1 + 2
- ------Lionheart: Legacy of the Crusader------ gifted by SimpleUser, Thank You!

And without promo:

- Interstate 82
- Aquanox 2

Thx for reading ^^
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I want to thank Ian for gifting me Broken Sword 2 just now.
Thank you for your generosity and this great game, Ian :D
high rated
you're welcome my friend :)
+1 both, for your generosity guys :-)
I really want Tales of Monkey Island. I loved Secret of Monkey Island, so I would be grateful if someone could gift me ToMI. Thanks for reading! :D
high rated
Today is my birthday! I was going to make a giveaway thread but I'm not feeling too well. So...

lukew: Redneck Rampage Collection
I have fond memories of playing this on my first pc. Well, it wasn't MY pc since I had to share it with the rest of the family but I still had a lot of fun playing it.

iainmet: Wallace & Gromit
Now I've never played this game but I loved the shorts. If I saw that they came on tv I'd try to watch them and nobody where I live has probably ever heard of Wallace & Gromit. Here ya go.