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high rated
zlaywal: Both Deus-Ex are on historical low @ $1.39 each. If anyone can spare some then I'll be grateful.
You've got your games list private so I can't tell if you've already got these from someone else but if you haven't, send me a chat message.

(edit: Chat received, games sent. Enjoy :D )
Post edited November 16, 2019 by TheMonkofDestiny
If someone could buy me Vampire The Masquerade Bloodlines, I would really appreciate it, it's also 45% discount right now.
If anyone is feeling generous, would you please gift Vampire The Masquerade: Bloodlines? I would get it, but I'm still waiting for the paycheck.
TheMonkofDestiny: Enjoy :D
I will. Thank you again for your kindness.
zlaywal: Thank you again for your kindness.
No problem.
I would like to get AER: Memories of Old from this sales! I'd be great if someone were willing to get it for me!