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Thought it was worth the shot in asking for something with only 11 minutes left on its flash sale.

Rainbow Six.

park_84: I'd appreciate any of the Unreal games, thanks for considering!
foxworks: Bundle incoming :)
A ton of thanks! :D
DampSquib: Check PM...knocked a few off for you :)
ne_zavarj: Thank you .

How can you register? Looks like it's currently disabled.
Well, why not.

My wishlist is:
Avadon 2
The Guild

Thanks for letting me pester your eyeballs. :P
low rated
here is my wishlist:

Stick it to the Man!
Consortium: Master Edition
Brutal Legend
Fract OSC

would like any of these from the sale. thank you!
wolfsrain: 2. Might and Magic 8
3. Might and Magic 9
BillyMaysFan59: Check your PM! :D
Thanks a lot, mate. That was one great surprise after a crappy day.
I'll try :)

My Wishlist:
Spellforce Saga :)
The page states arguably the best in the series: Might and Magic VII. Not inclined to get the whole package, so would be very grateful if someone helps me out with this one! Anyway thanks for listening, and hope all are getting loads of games with this sale!
BUMP for Total Anihilation: Commander Pack
BranjoHello: ♥♥♥ and the forum GOGers♥♥♥
Apparently your only supposed to use hearts on Valentines day.
Hello, I would be extremely grateful if has found to have any human being (although I am not picky can also be non-human) who gift me Icewind Dale 2.
BranjoHello: ♥♥♥ and the forum GOGers♥♥♥
theslitherydeee: Apparently your only supposed to use hearts on Valentines day.
And you shouldn't mix up "your" and "you're", native English speaker. :P
Btw. there have been a lot of ♥ around here today, people seem to be in better mood then on Valentine's day. ;)
f anyone has a spare deponia 3 or alpha centauri i'd be grateful, might also put something here myself if
Post edited June 18, 2014 by dragonbeast
I was talking about how you got low rated. Shrug.
theslitherydeee: I was talking about how you got low rated. Shrug.
I've stopped giving a damn about rep (number) long time ago. I know I'm behaving correctly and so do the good peeps around here, and that's what matters.
So if anyone feels better after downrepping me, that's fine by me. ;)