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BranjoHello: Promos are closing soon, so here's one obvious bump, and a puzzling one.
BuzzLightyear2: Lady Luck has smiled upon me several times this weekend. Time to pay it forward! Check you PM.
Thank you to infinity and beyond!
I know I might be late for the party, but wanted to ask again if someone could spare the Unreal games to a broke fan, maybe. Or at least Unreal 2 as I never had a chance to play it properly back in the day, I had a disc but my old computer wouldn't run it, so I decided to give up the disc in favour of a friend. Well, would be much appreciated, I wish I could just buy half the GOG sale now, but sadly that's not an option for me.

Cheers everyone. :)
Haapy Belated Easter everyone! Here's just a bump 4 my request (Duke Nukem 3D: Atomic Edition) if any kind soul have a copy to spare. Thanks again. :)
Far Cry 2 is on sale for the next 24 hours, overall is an unpolished title, yet an amazing one, with thrilling story and soundtrack.

Something really cool to play if you can overlook couple things.

I'd really appreciate it if somebody could gift it to me, I lost my disc 4 years ago when my family moved to another house (along with many other games :[ ) and today when I saw the announcement I got this itch to play it.

Thanks for reading, everybody have a nice week.
I don't suppose anyone has an extra code for any of these? >.>

1- Theme Park
2- Far Cry 1
3- Far Cry 3
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If anyone's feeling in a good mood, I'd appreciate FarCry 2 that's 2 bucks right now

As always, I guarantee that I will play through the game and it will not just sit on my virtual shelf

any chance some one could gift me far cry 1 whiles its on sale ? i got far cry 2 on steam good game but never played far cry 1

thanks guys

edit thanks old fat guy for far cry 1 :)
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If anyone has a leftover Populous kicking around somewhere, I'd really love to play it.
Steam wallet giveaway from bundlestars is soon onna end!
My thanks to OldFatGuy for FarCry2

time to head back to 2008
A copy of Banished would be very much appreciated, if any kind soul would consider it.
skycutter: A copy of Banished would be very much appreciated, if any kind soul would consider it.
Is it on sale anywhere? :O
Anyone feeling like spending money who wants to give me Harvester? I really feel like playing this game today.
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If anyone is feeling generous would like to have sword of the stars the pit gold edition from indie gem promo