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DAILY SURPRISE offers that never rolled around for me :(

Hammerwatch , 70% ,$2.39
InFlux , 75% ,$2.49,
Lilly Looking Through , 75% ,$2.49
Reus , 75% ,$2.49
Shelter , 75% ,$2.49
Symphony , 75% ,$2.49

If anyone happens to have any of these that would be great.
Could someone please gift me Shadow Man? I always remember seeing it at the local video rental store on Nintendo 64, and it always seemed so terrifying to me! I'd love to finally be able to play it! Thank you in advance and have a happy new year :)
I'd be appreciated if someone feels generosity to gift Dust: An Elysian Tail. Thanks.
Looking for someone who already own the Chivalry Chest, and can help me get Stronghold HD and Stronghold Crusader HD at $1.49+$2.49.

In return, I can offer a $5 game on GOG. Thanks!

In accordance with the theme of this thread, feel free to gift the games to me! ;)
Re-post :

Christmas/birthday wishlist :


-Creatures Village
-Creatures: The Albian Years
-The Lords of Midnight
-Arx Fatalis
-Panzer Elite Special Edition
-Nations Gold Edition, The
-Alien Nations
-Great Battles Collector's Edition
-Balls of Steel
-Hostile Waters: Antaeus Rising
-Original War
-Advent Rising


-Bloodrayne 2
-Unreal 2: The Awakening SE
-The Guild
-Heroes of Might and Magic
-Tomb Raider: The Last Revelation + Chronicles
-Blitzkrieg Anthology
-Heroes of Annihilated Empires
-S2: Silent Storm Gold Edition
-Smugglers 5
-Rogue Trooper
-American McGee's Grimm

15$ or more :

-Aarklash: Legacy
-Rise of the Triad
-Deadly Premonition - Director's Cut
-Shadowrun Returns
If anyone is feeling generous would love to have fallout tactics

Missed the promo for it.
Either Descent 1+2 or Wing Commander 5 would be nice, I'm not going to be able to make the sale.
Deadly Premonition would be greatly appreciated if anyone feels like throwing it my way
my wishes:
Privateer 2
The Witcher 2
Deadly Premonition

PM me and Merry Christmas
high rated
Licurg: Christmas/birthday wishlist :

-Deadly Premonition - Director's Cut
Happy Birthday!

Please check PM, and hope you have a good one.
Licurg: Christmas/birthday wishlist :

-Deadly Premonition - Director's Cut
Dischord: Happy Birthday!

Please check PM, and hope you have a good one.
Thank you :D Downloading right now .
My wish for the holidays is still this game which has nastalgic value for me:
- Blood 2: The Chosen (still on sale for 2.99)

Happy holidays everyone.
hotline miami code:
-and it's gone- :)
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Smogg: hotline miami code:
Thank you Smogg!
low rated
That is like the 20th game you have ninja'd or won from giveaways since signing on GOG.
****ing leecher.