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Reever: Silentius.
What is thy name demon? Hast thou no fear? What and why art thou dreaming here?
Reever: Silentius.
Dice5: What is thy name demon? Hast thou no fear? What and why art thou dreaming here?
Can't you read? It's Reever :D
But really, stop spamming the thread, people should be able to orientate themselves around here xD

l0rdtr3k: well,these games are on my wishlist and on the promo:
Little Big Adventure 1/2
Dungeon Keeper Gold
Magic Carpet Plus

contact me by PM
Took care of that one ;)
A little bump for my request (Larry Greatest Hits and Misses) :)
Dungeon Keeper: Gold is only 2.39, if anybody feeling kind today.
If some1 feels gifty then I would like to request Another World: 20th Anniversary Edition.
Well, Simcity 2000 would be pretty good, if anybody feels gifty.
If anyone has a spare key of Another World and doesn't need it, please gift it to me via PM.
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If anyone is feeling generous, I would give a good home to of any of the following:

Avadon 2
Carmageddeon 2
Galactic Civilizations 1
Giana Sisters: Rise of the Owlverlord
Privateer 2
Sang-Froid (while it's on sale)
Two Worlds 1

Please and thank you in advance, and have a good day everyone. :)
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I'd greatly appreciate if anyone is able to gift any of these from the weekend promo:

Another World: 20th Anniversary
Little Big Adventure
Little Big Adventure 2

Thanks a lot for your consideration!
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I'd really really love to have Magic Carpet or Populous or Theme Hospital, if anyone wants to be the most awesome person in the history of mankind!
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Tomb raider if anyone feels generous :-)
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heh, I have only bought 3 games in the sale and my wife has already cut me off. If anyone wants to donate Don't Starve it would be greatly appreciated.
Just quickly updating my wishlist:

Deus Ex GOTY, this game looks freaking sweet but I"ve never had the privilege to play it :/

Thanks to anyone who feels so generous.
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I've checked about a hundred wish list but failed to see anybody looking for this game so I'm just posting it.I have two copies of WITCHER: ENHANCED EDITION, THE.

Both are gone now.
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