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My wishlist

Most wanted:

Fallout 2
Fallout Tactics

Any of the Fallout games, please. I could kick myself for missing that 48 hr Fallout giveaway last year!

The rest:

Blood (One Unit Whole Blood) (haven't played the expansions)
Blood 2: The Chosen + Expansion
Commandos Ammo Pack }
Commandos 2+3} (might actually be able to get these as part of a retail package with Strike Force)
Crusader: No Regret
Crusader: No Remorse
Jagged Alliance 2: Unfinished Business (lost disc)
Police Quest: SWAT 1+2
SWAT 3: Tactical Game of the Year Edition (lost disc)
Rise of the Triad (new one)
System Shock 2
THIEF GOLD (Dark Project disc is messed up)
Worms 2 (disc is messed up)

If anyone would be generous enough to buy one of these for me (I can't because the payment methods on GOG are an obstacle for me), I'd be truly grateful.

You can reach me via GOG pm.
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Celton88: I would love Wing Commander 3! I have never tried the WC series and have heard really good things about it.
I hope you enjoy it! :)
Celton88: I would love Wing Commander 3! I have never tried the WC series and have heard really good things about it.
BuzzLightyear2: I hope you enjoy it! :)
Dude! You rock! I'm going to fire it up right now! Thanks!
Volgarr the Viking would greatly be appreciated
If possible I'd love to get wing commander 3. I've already played and finished 1&2 but I currently have no money :\

Edit: Or if not WC3, maybe privateer please? :)
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Finally a chance to spend my money on beloved Arcanum.

And if anyone feels like sponsoring devoted RPG player, Eschalon: Book I & Eschalon: Book II would be nice.

Cheers! :)
Haha most of the games on my wishlist go on sale the day after i spent my money on the Humble Bundles :/. Just my luck. Looks like i'm missing Two Worlds II for a third time lol.
If anyone has the sudden urge to gift anything, I'd really appreciate Driftmoon. I heard its a great game, and it's make by the devs that are located in my home city...
As my Arcanum cd broke long time ago, if some1 feel gifty, I would not mind that one. ^^
From the current weekend promo I'd very much like to play Driftmoon or Vampire The Masquerade - Redemption. My classes started on Monday and I'm broke for the time being lets just say, so any help in narrowing down these two from my wishlist would be most welcome. Best wishes and have a nice weekend everyone!
I feel very weak, probably anemia, I need some blood :p - Vampire The Masquerade - Redemption, thanks in advance.
Just again reposting my general wishlist, the first Vampire is reduced at the moment, but Triock asked first.
If anyone's feeling generous and in a good mood, I would really appreciate Wizardry 6&7 to get familiar with the series for the first time and give them a try

Thank you!
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Vampire the Masquerade - Redemption if anybody's feeling gifty