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I want to play painkiller;black edition, if someone is kind enough to give it to me.
Just a little Update for my long-time-wishlist!
Re-post :

-Hostile Waters : Antaeus Rising
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Repost: From current promo: Constructor

If anybody got a spare 2.39 to spare, thanks
If possible... Thunderscape please?
If anyone feels like it, i'd love to have Worms Forts Under Siege.
edit: thank you to an anonymous donor!
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If anyone's feeling generous

I would really love to try out Omikron: The Nomad Soul that's 4 bucks right now

It will not just linger in my backlog, I guarantee you that I will play through the whole game and can provide screenshots of my progress if you wish

Thank you very much!
Omikron would be fantastic; as Roman already said this is no backlog-game, it has to be played!
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monkeydelarge: Soulbringer while it is $2.39 = happiness during these dark times.
Check PM .
Omikron from the current promo, is the only Quantic Dream game I miss (well, this and Beyond, of course :P).
I would like to kindly ask if anybody have spare key some of this games.

Baldur's Gate: The Original Saga
Ultima VII The Complete Edition (Thanks! Dischord )

There have been promo action recently so maybe one of you still have unused key. Thanks
Have a nice day
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Thank you, woosk, for "Omikron: The Nomad Soul"!
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One last Torchlight code:

If anyone is feeling generous I would appreciate guilty gear x2 reload