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Punished_Snake: I can confirm this, I can't reach 500 rep because someone continues downrepping me...I don't know why,lol.
Licurg: Maybe people are angry with your grammar =))
Lol, it can be XD
Evoland would find a nice home with me ;P.
high rated
Airiak77: Evoland would find a nice home with me ;P.
Check your pm :) enjoy!
I actually made an account on GOG so i could make a wishlist of games i never had the chance to play, but plan to buy if i ever manage to get the money.

Planescape, Syndicate, Hotline Miami, Baldur's Gate, Gothic, Arcanum, the list goes on. Any of these would be incredible to have, so if you're feeling generous, help a fellow player. :)

Even if i don't get anything, i'd like to say that i'm really happy to know that there are such generous people around here.
My BIGGEST wishes would be for Baldur's Gate 1+2 and Icewind Dale 1+2, if anyone is feeling gifty :)
After a copy of Dungeon Keeper 2, if anybody willing to gift.
Could someone gift me Roller Coaster Tycoon 1 or 2
Pretty Please.
With Sugar on Top.
And also Bacon.
Would still love to get another world...
In all these years I've never played any of the Wing Commander series...

Wing Commander 1+2
Wing Commander 3: Heart of the Tiger
Wing Commander 4: The Price of Freedom

I'd be very grateful if I could get them. Thanks!
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RevolutionSphere: After a copy of Dungeon Keeper 2, if anybody willing to gift.
Check your PM and Enjoy this fantastic title, this is actually one of my favorite games of all time

I just also gifted myself baldur's gate 1 and 2 :) yay so excited to play this again

Anyone wanna play it with me sometime soon?
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Beyond Good and Evil
The Cat Lady
Clive Barker "Clive Barker's Undying" by Clive Barker
Thief 1 or 2
Tomb Raider 1+2+3
Gemini Rue
Soul Reaver
Arma II
Costume Quest
Deponia 2

contact me by PM
Unreal Tournament 2004 please

EDIT: Really guys I understand that one time I did it 2 times in one page but that was weeks ago and I just trying my luck, so what am I banned from this thread or something?
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wishlist from the current promo:

Syberia 2
Post Mortem

thanks for reading!


thanks Schnuff for the Still Lives!!!
Still Life
Still Life 2
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Atlantis series (I don't have any of them, so feel free to pick :P), if anyone feels gifty :)
Not sure I'll be getting my birthday money before the promo ends, so if someone would like to get me either Post Mortem or either of the Syberia games, I'd be sure to either pay it back or pay it forwards once the money rolls right in :)