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If anyone is feeling gifty, I would love any of the following (and thank you in advance!) :) :

Zafehouse: Diaries
Richard & Alice
99 Levels to Hell
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I am asking for System Shock 2. Thanks to all the kind hearted souls here on the Gog boards.

Have a great day! =)
If anyone has a spare Fallout 1 hanging around, I'd appreciate it.
I am broke currently =(
Maybe someone has some spare games for me from my wishlist I would really appreciate it =)
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As soon as I win Stronghold I'm going to need Settlers 3 if anyone has a spare. :D I can afford to buy it mid next month but I've just vanquished the Rat so I may not be long for this current title. If not then at least someone gift someone Stronghold. I obviously already have it but this game is too good for anyone to go without.
I just updated my list, if anyone is feeling generous. Thank you in advance :)
In short he has itchy underpants and will only change them when the wish is fulfilled. Either fulfill the wish or have a full-panted tinyE at your doorstep!

(this is me supporting this gift request!).
Once again, if anyone is willing to gift me Ultima Underworld 1 + 2, I'd greatly appreciate it!
Two Worlds II Epic Edition while is -50% if some1 feel rly gorgeous :)
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Would love Two Worlds II Epic Edition as well if anyone is willing to pass a copy along. thanks for the thought
Yes, it´s really an EPIC EDITION!
And I´d be very happy if someone can gift it to me!

But I´m still more interested in

Edit: Not looking for Two Worlds II anymore, a real-life-friend gifted it to me!
But still looking for Another World!
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The only game on my wishlist is Omikron: The Nomad Soul. Still haven't gotten it. A copy would be much appreciated. Thanks.
Well...I wouldn't say no to the Two Worlds II here on GOG :)