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I would love to get System Shock 2. I have planned to make video to interest people in this one for some time now but since I'm stuck in China this is the first time the game is available for me.
keeveek: ...
Actually I don't think we disagree, but rather that you missunderstood my post. Anyways, I don't want to have a lenghtly conversation about it in this thread, so feel free to send me a PM or discuss this with me in another thread and I'll try to explain what I meant better.
If someone could pick SS2 for me I'll gladly appreciate it. I never played it because I'm not from "that time", but since everyone is really hyped about it and everyone always told me how good it was I really want to try it out. Sadly, GOG payment options do not favour me...
thanks for the ninja contract Dischord!
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Order by rank of W.A.N.T. factor

System Shock 2
Neverwinter Nights 2
Settlers 10th anniversary
Chaos on Deponia
Well, I am only interested in the recently released System Shock 2. I would purchase it myself, but I won't be paid until some months.

Thank you very much.
(insert obligatory SS2 reference here)

In all seriousness, though if someone had a spare copy of Dreamfall: the Longest Journey, I'd be extremely grateful.
Thanks in advance.
Bigs: Would be cool if anyone out there could fire me a System Shock 2 code...
but if not I guess I could go without food for the rest of the week... :P
MoonGoddess: I will send you one x
TYVM MoonGoddess... you just made my day! You're awesome! :)
System Shock 2 so I can finally get more than 15 minutes into the game. I was too cowardly to play it longer when I was young(was some scary stuff back then) and had a machine capable of running it properly.
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I haven't posted here in a while so here is my list.
Leisure Suit Larry
System Shock 2
The Bard's Tale

Thanks for looking! :)
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For the love that's all holy, please someone gift me system shock 2!!!
I've waited for eternity and beyond!! >__<"
Ignore this. It just doesn't feel right begging.

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mrmarioanonym: Ignore this. It just doesn't feel right begging.

There is no begging in this thread, just people listing things they like, and sometimes getting them.

Some get creative, others list, but it is always voluntary on every side, and giving/receiving is what the thread is all about.

No-one should ever have to feel a lousy connotation associated with their wishes, and many go off and gift on their own elsewhere, without any requirement to do so :-)