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If anyone feels generous, I would like to get the Might & Magic 6 Pack!
I recently obtained a steam wallet voucher so if any one wants The Witcher Enhanced Edition or and $2.99 game from Steam i'll trade it if you can get me Arx Fatalis from Gog, whats a little exchanging gifts among gamers.
I have a Dota 2 beta key (on steam of course) if anyone wants it.
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Re-posting my GOG wishlist, as it's my birthday today:

-Imperial Glory
-Dungeon Keeper 1
-Lands of Lore 1+2
- Phantasmagoria 2
-Dangerous Dave Pack
-Soul Reaver
-Soul Reaver 2
-Fragile Alliance
-Master of Magic
-Serious Sam 2:Second Encounter
-Faster than Light
-Painkiller: Black Edition
-Far Cry
-MOH: Allied assault
-Gothic 3
-Baldur's Gate 2 Complete
-The Guild
-Disciples 2 Gold
-Heroes of Might and Magic 1
-Hotline Miami

Keep in mind, I've received a very large number of games during the last few weeks from giveaways or as gifts(I don't think I have enough bandwidth to download them all) so anybody less fortunate than I should have priority :)
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Updated my top wishes. Thanks!
Any of the MIGHT AND MAGIC games would be nice. Especially the non-HEROES ones, preferably the original 6-pack. :)
Well,I really really want to play Arkanum: of Steamworks and Magik Obscura.Don't have enough money now,because I'd buy it myself.
Septerra Core
Beyond Good and Evil
Wing Commander 1+2
Lands of Lore 1+2
Gabriel Knight 2
Wing Commader Privateer
Alan Wake
Chronicles of Riddick:Assault on Dark Athena

contact me by PM
Not in a position to buy at the moment... but since XIII is disappearing - if anyone out there is feeling generous enough to gift me a copy I'd appreciate it
My thanks to Kristian for gifting me XIII :)
I'd love XIII before it leaves GOG. Used to have it on the Gamecube but never finished it because the disk got really scratched!
anyone with a copy of the Blackwell bundle they don't want I will happily take it off your hands.
Could someone get me XII from GOG before the game goes away. I have no money now, but will get paid on the 1st of Jan. I will get them $3 in GOG games when I get paid.

Edit: Someone got it for me in another thread.
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johnki: I'd love XIII before it leaves GOG. Used to have it on the Gamecube but never finished it because the disk got really scratched!
XIII is leaving GOG? Did I miss something?

EDIT: I found the news thread now. Thanks for the heads up!

Thanks to m0gb0y74 for XIII!
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I want to get XIII because it is not going to be available anymore on GOG and I'd really want to try it, because I may like it. Thanks a lot!