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If someone has a spare BG2 from the current bundle, I'll give it a good home:
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should any one have a spare DUNGEONS & DRAGONS: DRAGONSHARD from the bundle, please can you consider me. Thanks for reading.
THANK YOU very much Rodzaju for D&D +1 :D you are very kind mate :)
Any Kind Soul to help out
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Any spare game from the current D&D promo would be really appreciated (I only own Planescape: Torment so far).

Thanks in advance to any generous soul!
Would Love any of these games:

La Mulana
Alpha Centauri
Dungeon Keeper 2
Planescape - Torment
Blood - One Whole Unit Blood
Alan Wake
Alan Wake - American Nightmare
Hotline Miami
Legend of Grimrock

Thanks and btw, all of the games are discounted due to sales which are going on these days.
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The only game I want:

- Eador: Genesis

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone! :)
**Edit- a very generous gifter provided the games to me. Despite offering Gala 11 games, they simply did it out of the kindness of their heart. I greatly appreciate them!**

I've tried trading games from the Indie Gala 11 for the following, but cannot find anyone wanting to trade. I don't have cash at the moment, and would stil be willing to trade. I would like:

Wing Commander 1&2 (currently 2.99)

Merry Christmas, and many blessings to you all!
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So, from the current D&D bundle I'd only like to have the BG & Icewind Dale games (I have NWN & P:T already). And the Temple of Elemental Evil (I know, I know, I could buy all of the games in the bundle at this point, but I really don't think that they'll be to my liking, so I don't really want to spend my money on them if I won't play them :) ).

If it is possible to gift me the games at the price in the bundle, I'd be ready to gift the person a game (or games) in worth of $11.45 (or something around that amount ^^).

I'd still like to wait another 12-13 hours though, because I'm taking part in a draw :D People who are interested are free to contact me =)
Neverwinter Nights Diamond, please? I'd be very much greatful!
Hi! If anyone have a spare BG1 and/or BG2 from the D&D bundle, could you please consider me.
Thank you and Happy New Year to everyone!
Hello, Anyone has a spare of Gothic 1.