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If anyone has a spare Deus Ex: GOTY Edition, or any of the Thief series, I'd give it a good home:
Same as our friend Licurg up there I would concider myself being in debt of anyone who can get me Deus Ex: GOTY Edition or Anachronox ( I don't have much to repay you now but I could give you a DOTA 2 key or a Metro 2033 key in return.

These two are going for real cheap right now: $2.49 for Deus Ex and $1.49 for Anachronox
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Anachronox from today's promo, thank you.
If someone wants to gift me Deus Ex™ GOTY Edition while it's on the promo. :)

Thx in advance.
I would love a copy of Planescape Torment if anyone has one left over from one of the many D&D sales. I'm kind of broke and aching to play through a very story heavy RPG :)
Thief 2 and 3 from the current promo
Throwing myself out for consideration for a copy of Thief Deadly Shadows.
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I updated my current wishlist for GoG games. Got some for myself, but unfortunately I can't buy them all ;)


Theme Hospital
Ultima 7
Ultima Underworld
Ultimas 1,2,3
Ultimas 4,5,6
Realms of the Haunting
Magic Carpet
Dungeon Keeper 2

Settlers 2 Gold
Heroes of might and magic 3

are very welcome!
I'm happy to gift a game to anyone who can resolve this issue:

Sorry - It's not particularly generous to gift a game only to the more technically minded.

edit: Eeesh - not sure what happened to the first line of this post!
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Total Annihilation: Commander Pack and/or Spycraft: The Great Game if anyone is feeling giving, thanks.
If anyone completes the daily bundle and has a leftover key for Deus Ex:GOTY or Anachronox, I'd be grateful to have it. Thanks!
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Someone wanna gift Shadow Warrior or Rise of the Triad? Thanks :)
dovahcore: I would like to get Rayman 2 and 3.
Thanks and Merry Christmas!
Check your PM :)

And Happy Holiday to all!
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