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Ah what a week of promos ahead of us.
And I would very much love to experience Baldur's gate for the first time in my sorry life. so i humbly ask on kind hearth to gift me said game.
Fallout Tactics ;)I would be honored to smash supermutants' heads in the name of the kind gifter :)
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Been after Baldurs Gate 2 for ages now, since last promo when I bought the Icewind Dale games. Finished those a few weeks back and have started the first one again in Neverwinter Nights 2 with the kickass mod that recreated the first game, absolutely fantastic stuff!

So my wishlist at the min is :

Baldurs Gate - Replacing disc version and I don't own or have ever played expansion
Baldurs Gate 2 - Never played it as nowhere at the time ever had it in stock :(
Urban Chaos - Disc was loaned to someone (can't remember who) and never returned

Any of those would be gratefully received and played to death at the minute, stuck at home most days with not being able to work due to injuries so I get through a fair bit of stuff, so needing games that keep me going for many, many hours!
I would be eternally grateful for D&D Dragonshard while it's on promo. It's the only one of my personal RTS-RPG Triforce (Warcraft3-Spellforce-Dragonshard) that I don't have.
Money can't really be spent as it seems like I'm moving to Japan next week... so if there are any generous souls who could gift

Baldur's Gate II
King of Dragon Pass

(Thankee K_1269 for NWN - made the start of the weekend very bright :D)

I'd be quite grateful

Cheers and beers
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My wishlist for this week is: Any one of the D&D games on promo (except TEMPLE OF ELEMENTAL EVIL which is already gifted to me by pH7 a month ago, thanks again buddy!)

Well, here's the thing. I want to do a giveaway for FTL: Faster Than Light. However, I feel I have to buy Planescape: Torment and/or Neverwinter Nights while they are still in a promo. I can't do both.

Therefore, if a very kind person would care to gift me either of those two games, I WILL do a giveaway for FTL. :)
If anyone feels kind enough in this promo to gift me The Temple of elemental Evil or Neverwinter Nights I will appreciate it greatly :)
Here's an odd request, but it's a serious one:

I like to backup my games onto dvd's. I also like to fill the dvd as much as i can before i "burn" the games onto the disc.

I have a couple of games to go on there that take up around 2gb, leaving me with 2gb spare.

If anyone has anything drm free that i don't already have, that would be fantastic to put on this disc :)
Well, I'm doing the FTL giveaway regardless now (lol). But I would still really like Planescape: Torment and/or Neverwinter Nights. :)
weekend wishlist:
Faster Than Light
Icewind Dale

contact me by PM
Anyone kind enough who has enough money to gift me Baldur's Gate 1 & 2? Would be extremely awesome, I hate these stacking GOG prices, it gets way too expensive if you buy only the 2 games :(
FTL seems like a fun game.
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