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Congrats to the winners !!!
Everybody shakes everybody's hands, all smiling faces around.
Everyone is happy and can be proud to have contributed at least a bit to this grand event.
Well done and congrats to y'all. :)
BenKii: The implications of an entire game of fantastical characters coming into reality were very worrisome but all Captain BenKii could think of to say in that moment was, "Cool."
Whoops! Forgot to add my end credits music. I can't decide which one is better so here's both.

TOS X Smash Theme

TNG X Smash Theme
That was awesome!

I don't know what I expected when I "rolled up" my little marble over a month ago, but it wasn't that! Thanks so much Doc and all the other "contestants" in our fight club - that was a ton of fun!

I love seeing a puppy dog win ;) I was kinda a fan of the more absurdist characters and got a kick out of how Doc managed to make every fight hilarious and "believable" whether dealing with an elite ninja alien or a guy with laptop.

Great time - going to miss checking in on the day's matches like I have been! Can't believe how enormous this whole enterprise ended up being and super glad I took part.
Now we need the results of all of the surveys. :)
Congrats to the lucky winners!


Loxyklokyytx was still quite puzzled about all this affair.
That powerful shadowy figure liked violent gladiator fights, but then allowed his captives to live in the end?
Anyway, since all the contestants seemed now free, he stealthly left the arena, ready to withdraw from the planet with his spaceship as soon as possible.
He wondered why his own skill didn't trigger when someone shot that blue stone at him. Time to visit the clan again for more training. Maybe he'll learn to control the swapping power too one day.
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Congrats to the winners!

Thanks a lot to Doc, and the support from Punington, TheDudeLebowski, krugos2, Carradice, and all the nice people here who made an incredible entertaining contest.

I can hear music outside the tavern! ^_^

gz everyone
My fellow gogers,

While I maintain that this contest was totally rigged and I absolutely object its results, I nevertheless want to express my sympathy for the winner, Mr. Chip. Good doggy !
But if this contest had been fair, I would be the winner by now, because I won by A LOT !

I will now begin the process of transition to leave the winner's seat to Mr Chip, and I want to tell all of my supporters that they can count on me to win in our future battles. I have yet again been censored by some very nasty people, and I will continue to fight for you !

By the way, there is currently another bigger and more important contest that just ended and that I *supposedly* have lost too that I have to take care of. I'm not done yet...

Gog bless you all !

Elexis, honey, come ! We are leaving...
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Congrats to the final winners and to the rest of the fighters!



Doc take your time! Hope everyone has had a fun time with this as I did!!
What a great way to end an epic tournament! Congrats to you, Mr. Chip! Enjoy your dinosaur steak! And congrats to the other lucky winners too: Celia, Jack the Knack and Axela the Lighthouse! :)

Three-headed Malicia clears her throats and addresses the festive crowd: "We should all take this victory party down to the tavern! What do you say? Drinks are on me! I'm buying for everyone, winners and spectators alike! Even for you..." Malicia tilts her heads in the direction of Mother of All Mothers in Law, but dared not stare long enough to witness her reaction. Off to join the tavern celebration Malicia went!

[a special thanks to Doc for this awesome ride and to those who offered their support: Punington, TheDudeLebowski, krugos2 and Carradice]

All good things come to an end, but not without gifting us with fond memories. ;)
Thank you for this epic event, Doc, and congrats to all the winners!

Also thank you for providing my (admittedly bland) rogue with her first foray into fiction!
Congratulations to everyone!

By the way, I just realized what this event reminds me of!

In the early 2000s, there was a browser game in Russia called (you won't believe it) "Fight Club", which had the following combat system: each turn you have to choose which part of enemy's body to attack and which part of your character's body you need to block (for example, attack the torso, block the head). There was also an offline version of this game with AI opponents.

Maybe someone would like to make a similar little game about our event? (: