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Dr. Stone finds renewed interest in the mineral world. The Mother of All Mothers in Law is definitely more pleasant in her stone form, the doctor mumbles between itself.
"Of all things organic, the one I like the least is undoubtedly the crude language".
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The Bard had spent the last day rehearsing "The Taming of the Shrew" in the event he was pitted against the Mother of All Mothers in Law.

Fortunately, the preparation is no longer required, as performing it may have offended some of the other participants.
Carradice: Also... Powerbomb defeated Axela, but MOAMIL has bested Powerbomb! What will happen next?
Orkhepaj: Hopefully some pigeons survived and can rebuild Axela.
Else, hopefully migratory pigeons can help. They might insuffle life back to Axela's stones and get her back up in the sky. Then they will be ready for new adventures.
What a rumble, and Mother of all Mothers petrified! She reminded me of old Lobo's teacher.
I'm sure such a resourceful hag can find ways to revert to life! I think there's a ritual I've heard of...or maybe burn Caravaggio's Medusa and revert the effects ;)
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Sorry I haven't updated the Fight Club page in the last two days, I've been away having problems with my Internet signal. I don't have time to read the forum and the fights right now as I got delayed with my freelance work and should be taking care of that, but before I sign off, I'll try to update the site quickly with the fights I've missed, and then I'll read them and comment at a later time.

I'll edit this post in a few minutes to let you know the site has been updated.

EDIT: The latest fights have been added to the Fight Club page. :)
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This whole subject is amazing! :D I don't mind losing the battle, I would mind ending this thread. Doc please reconsider a form of the continuum.

edit : Helpful table Krugos2!

And We are here for entertainment! so the more entertaining description of everything the better. I have my favourite comments too :D
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Round 3 continued...

A cheery Canadian non-fishing fisherman called (25) Gerald of Red Deer makes his way down to the ring. "How ya doing?" he calls out.

Loxyklokyytx attacks Gerald of Red Deer
Gerald of Red Deer attacks Pat Ronizing
Pat Ronizing attacks Gerald of Red Deer

Gerald of Red Deer rolls 10
Loxyklokyytx rolls 12

The deadly and highly skilled assassin walks up to Gerald and asks him "You Canadians are meant to be the nicest people on the planet Earth. If this is so, can I have that amulet you are wearing?"
Gerald of Red Deer replies "Sure thing buddy! Here ya go" and hands him the amulet. Uzerumeral feels dominion over him pass to another being and is forced to rise from his seat.

Pat Ronizing rolls 2
Gerald of Red Deer rolls 6

Gerald calls out to Loxyklokyytx "Would you like to see my fishing technique, buddy? I've never actually been fishing but hey, how hard can it be?"
Gerald throws his fishing rod back behind his head where Pat Ronizing happens to be rummaging through her bag of paintings, looking for one that will dispose of the two adversaries in the ring.
The hook on the line catches in the painting that Pat is currently holding and tears it from bottom to top as Gerald throws his fishing line forward.

Pat Ronizing screams "What have you done you stupid Canuck!?", clutches her chest and collapses, quite dead.
"Geez, sorry aboot that!" Gerald walks over to see what happened and looks down at the torn painting in Pat's hand. It is a self portrait by her and the tear goes straight through her chest causing her to have a heart attack.

Pat is in the seats wondering how her evil masterplan was foiled by a Canadian of all people.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Unnoticed by anyone the little blue marble (20) Blue Lightening has rolled into the ring.

Blue Lightening attacks Loxyklokyytx
Gerald of Red Deer attacks Loxyklokyytx
Loxyklokyytx attacks Gerald of Red Deer

Blue Lightening rolls 9
Loxyklokyytx rolls 6

Blue Lightening rolls round and round the ring building up momentum before speeding up a corner post and flying back across the ring at head height. He shoots in Loxyklokyytx's right ear and bursts out the left, covered in brain matter.
Loxyklokyytx manages to mouth the words 'what just happened?' before dropping dead.
"Whoah!" exclaims Gerald of Red Deer as he slaps his hands over his ears.

Loxyklokyytx is in a ringside seat next to Pat Ronizing.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

A disturbance in the force is felt as (41) Ben Kii Nobi strides confidently towards the ring.
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Sorry aboot that, Pat! No hard feelings, eh?
What a shame, killed by a stupid marble!
Then Loxyklokyytx looked around confused and astonished that he was still somehow alive..
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Gerald of Red Deer might win this whole thing but he's so annoying. He might even kill a jedi.
Ben Kii Nobi approaches the arena and searches for the super boss known as the Mother of all Mother In-Laws but only sees a Canadian and a marble before him. He later spots her amongst the stadium attendance, 'It appears someone has already defeated the hardest boss in the arena.' thought the Jedi to himself, 'The rest of the contestants shouldn't be that hard but don't get too cocky. I sense that marble is more dangerous than it appears to be.'
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Round 3 continued...

A disturbance in the force is felt as (41) Ben Kii Nobi strides confidently towards the ring.

Ben Kii Nobi attacks Blue Lightening
Gerald of Red Deer attacks Blue Lightening
Blue Lightening attacks Gerald of Red Deer

Ben Kii Nobi rolls 4
Blue Lightening 3

Ben Kii takes out his Gunsaber - pssshhew - and aims for the little marble. Plasma projectiles smash into the canvas just in front or just behind Blue Lightening as he speeds frantically around the ring.

Gerald of Red Deer rolls 4
Blue Lightening rolls 6

Blue Lightening stops by Gerald's feet. He looks down and thinks to himself 'are you really a marble or maybe you are actually a flavoursome gobstopper, ya?'.
Gerald picks up Blue Lightening and puts it in his mouth. He sucks on it for a bit but can only taste plasma smoke, so he decides to bite down.

"Garrgh!" Gerald of Red Deer spits out the marble and rubs his jaw, hoping that none of his teeth are broken. "Oooh, I think you really are a marble little fellow".

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

With book of Prose tucked under one arm and quill behind his ear, (58) The Bard makes his way to the wrestling ring.

Gerald of Red Deer attacks Ben Kii Nobi
The Bard attacks Blue Lightening
Blue Lightening attacks The Bard
Ben Kii Nobi attacks Blue Lightening

Gerald of Red Deer rolls 8
Ben Kii Nobi rolls 8

Ben Kii Nobi waves his hand in front of his face and uses the force to project his words at the Canadian "You will lay down your arms and leave peacefully".
Gerald of Red Deer replies cheerfully "Oh ya, my weapons would be yours as life is too short, buddy. I just want to go fishing. I'm a fisherman who has never actually caught a fish before, although I sense that I have the ability to talk to the little fellows. What's that all aboot?"

Ben Kii Nobi wears a look of confusion, not knowing whether his powers just worked or not.

The Bard rolls 3
Blue Lightening rolls 4

Blue Lightening rolls to a stop at The Bard's feet. He looks down at the little marble and prepares to bamboozle it with one of his favourite Chaucer quotes -
“Love will not be constrain'd by mastery.
When mast'ry comes, the god of love anon
Beateth his wings, and, farewell, he is gone.
Love is a thing as any spirit free.”

The marble just sits there and The Bard is shook to his core by its complete lack of any reaction.

Ben Kii Nobi rolls 6
Blue Lightening rolls 5

Ben Kii Nobi decides that now is not the time for any finesse. He walks up to Blue Lightening, growls "Naff off" and gives it a good kick across the ring.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

The Bard's faith is restored as he spots (74) Quicktongue the Bard approaching the ring.
May the best bard win!

Lily doesn't know what to make of all the chaos ensuing but finds herself thinking of food again. All three heads glance around the arena and spot a very plump hamster. She stares, licking her chops and tries to sit up when someone shouts "NO!" and tosses a steak on the floor by her feet. Her attention turns to that instead; the contestants in the audience are safe again.
Nobody wants to leave the ring, this going to be a poetic final!
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Community awards: Fight club giveaway tournament at GOG!

Awards for the characters in the tournament

What are in your opinion the best characters and backgrounds that have appeared in the tournament? Which are the most interesting, fun or amazing? You can check the descriptions of the participants, with links to the original posts.
You can also check the summary of fights by TheDudeLebowsky and the tournament summary website by Krugos2.

Pick your choices for...

Most otherworldly character.
Most terrible monster in the competition.
Most sweet or charming character.
Most overall amazing character in the whole tournament.

Then, there are some specific categories:

Best character/background for a magic user.
Best character/background for a rogue/con person/thief entrant.
Best character/background for a weaponless fighter.
Best character/background for an armed fighter.
Best character/background for a member of the natural kingdom (animal, vegetal, mineral).
Best character/background for either an alien or a fantastic creature.

Finally, which character would you like most to meet in person?

Thanks for participating!