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DRM-free approach in games has been at the heart of GOG.COM from day one. We strongly believe that if you buy a game, it should be yours, and you can play it the way it’s convenient for you, and not how others want you to use it.

The landscape has changed since 2008, and today many people don’t realize what DRM even means. And still the DRM issue in games remains – you’re never sure when and why you can be blocked from accessing them. And it’s not only games that are affected, but your favourite books, music, movies and apps as well.

To help understand what DRM means, how it influences your games and other digital media, and what benefits come with DRM-free approach, we’re launching the FCK DRM initiative. The goal is to educate people and ignite a discussion about DRM. To learn more visit, and share your opinions and stories about DRM and how it affects you.
vv221: Actually Valve said that reviews about DRM and/or EULA would not be considered as valid and would not count towards a game score.

Sorry, I do not have the source anymore (it was linked in another thread on GOG forums).
amok: yes? and if gOg said reviews which does not deal with the game itself do not count towards the score on gOg - is it DRM?

or do you mean it is valid is it is one of the review topics they consider contextual (i.e. not part of the actual game) is about DRM? so it is not about DRM, but about discussions about DRM. Anyway, they let the reviews stay, they do not remove them. All they have said is that they no longer let review-bombs dealing with contextual topics influence the game score.
ChrisGriffin: I think that GOG should focus more bringing more indie games (and more games in general) instead of worrying about the DRM on other sites.

GOG's broken curation system (and broken people who create it) are far more dangerous to the future of this site.

The number of games rejected by the so called "curators" is appaling and they continue to allienate good game developers from this site.
no they should focus on old triple A titles, i dnt want this site turning into an or whatever it is, with unknown games and developers. ofc having some indie games is good but you need triple A titles to actually be noticed as a platform