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The grandmaster Zeogold sent me:

Tempest: Pirate Action RPG donated by Vovchigus , and
Cursed Castilla (Maldita Castilla EX) donated by Aveweto.

Thanks - Thanks - Thanks.
(one for each of the three)
Thank you Zeo and gixgox for two Dreamscapes games!
Thanks CarbonSeed and Zeogold for games. There is only one obstacle in my backlog before I get to them. I am sure I will finish it in no time, how hard can this Spacechem be?
Hat tips to Zeo and to triock and Leroux for the free games. Awesome stuff as per usual!
misteryo: Thank you Zeo and gixgox for two Dreamscapes games!
Have fun :)
Thanks Aweweto, ThatRadioGeek, Muntdefems and Zeo for the games and keep this thread alive! THANKS!
Leroux: Thank you, MadyNora, for Abyss: The Wraiths of Eden, Mind Snares: Alice's Journey and Dreamscapes: The Sandman! :)
Enjoy! :)
Thanks to ThatRadioGeek and Zeogold for Hearts of Iron III, you're awesome !
I'm interested in these titles if they are available (it's kinda hard to follow which one is requested already among 2 big lists)

- Commandos Pack
- Dead Effect
- Solargun

Thank you
Thank you Trid for your donation !

Thanks also to ThatRadioGeek - seems I got two donations from you :)

Again zeo, thanks !
Thank you MaxFulvus for Supreme League of Patriots Ep.1, and heartburnron for One More Dungeon. And of course a huge thank you to Zeo for doing all the hard work to get the keys out to everyone!
Thanks to ChrisVee, Aramandur and muntdefems !
Can I ask for Grand Theft Auto III?
Many thanks to liamphoenix for Tomb Raider (2013) and zeogold for hosting the giveaway!
Thank you Fairfox and Zeogold!