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I would like to request Blacksad: Under the Sun if it is still available.
Mai I have The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky? Thanks.
May I ask for Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice, please? ^_^
Many thanks to Doc for... being Doc.
Fink, you rock !
bluethief: I'd like to nominate GamezRanker for Paradise Lost.
Just found out about this from Fink....thank you for the nomination :)
May I request Blacksad: Under the Skin if not already spoken for. :)
@ Doc0075, finkleroy, thank you guys for Game (Battle Brothers and DLCs to it) and for Grant for this cool strategy / RPG game!
Requesting either Sleeping Dogs or Thief, depending on what's available, if I may.
Can I ask for Deus Ex: Mankind Divided - Digital Deluxe Edition ?
If I'm eligible that is :)
i really want Dying Light: The Following – Enhanced Edition + Dying Light: Vintage Gunslinger Bundle (DLC), can i take?
Thank you Doc0075 for Elex!

Many thanks to finkleroy for hosting this giveaway!
If I am eligible may I have The Talos Principle: Gold Edition?
Thank you to Doc0075 and to Finkleroy for the Vampyr + DLC.
high rated
AerynSun1701: Can i have Tesla Effect: A Tex Murphy Adventure ?
Excellent choice :) If you get your wish granted, may I recommend my self made subtitle patch for the game which not only offers a far better German localisation but also fixes subtitle timing for ALL available languages and some bugs (also in all languages) when it comes to subtitles. Unfortunately the publisher did not want to implement it in the regular game so it remained a patch on the Big Finish site until they removed several things from there. I still host it on my own google server and you can find this patch (and many other German localisations) here:
May I request Blacksad: Under the Skin?