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May I ask for Sunless Skies: Sovereign Edition?
I'd like to request Hollow Knight, please. Thanks!
I'm kindly requesting whichever first of these is still available:
1. The Outer Worlds + DLC
2. Mortal Shell + DLC
3. Yaga Armful Edition
May I have Wasteland 3: Colorado Collection please?
low rated
May I request Horizon Zero Dawn?
can I ask for a game ? I would like BIOMUTANT thank you
Any chance for Dead Cells?
May I ask for Horizon Zero Dawn Complete Edition?
Thanks a lot, Doc0075 for all your generosity!!

And finkleroy as always!
Can i get Star Trek: Voyager - Elite Force + Star Trek: Elite Force II?
If i only have to choose one game it's Voyager since i never played that one but if i can get both games in the key that would be fine also.
Surprised that it's still there after so many hours, but if that is indeed the case, may I please request Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire - Obsidian Edition ?
If it's not still available, nobody seems to have requested Fates of Ort, so could I have that instead?
or if not available maybe Horizon Zero Dawn Complete Edition ? (saw there was 3)
thank you very much.
I'd like to ask for Underrail, if it's still available.
May I request Vampyr?
Can I have Dead Cells + Dead Cells: Fatal Falls (DLC) + Dead Cells: The Bad Seed (DLC) + Dead Cells: Rise of the Giant (DLC) + Dead Cells: The Queen and the Sea (DLC) pplease?