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Thank you very, very much to Big_Stupid for Technobabylon and zeogold for his neverending effort as host! :)
Thank you SpikedSoul & zeogold for Tesla Effect
Thank you Geralt_of_Rivia & zeo for Waxworks!
Huge thanks to theslitherydeee for Everspace and to Zeo for hosting the giveaway!
Both codes expire in 3 minutes, get them:

Fantasy General: PTME6265BC32BE2BDU

SOMA: 94B86-142A7-D54C4-DEA36
Thank you kindly to Big_Stupid and Zeo for Darksiders. I don't think I've come across you but thanks for your kindness
Can i have Zombie Night Terror if it's still available?
May i ask for LBA 2 (Twinsen's Odyssey) ?
May I ask for Jack Keane?
A belated thank you to zeogold and LynetteC for FTL. I don't have the gushing praise for this that I did for Everspace (because it's considerably more difficult than I expected it to be), but it's been keeping me busy.
I would like to ask for Shadowgrounds, if possible. Thank you!
May i ask for EVERSPACE™ - Encounters?
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May I ask for Darksiders II: Deathinitive Edition?
May I ask for Rain World if possible?
Can I have Candle please?