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Hi, I'm BenKii. And this is The Community Giveaway. A tradition that began with IAmSinistar back in 2015 and followed by moonshineshadow, zeogold, finkleroy, Lone_Scout, and now me, BenKii, the 6th host of the best longest running giveaway on the Gog forums. I want to give a huge thanks to all the previous hosts and to all the donators to this giveaway. You all make this community a better place. :)

Previous editions can be found here:

Please set your chat settings to public so that you can send any donations to me or receive any donations from the Community Giveaway. Only GOG keys will be accepted in this thread.

If you want to discuss the rules or other circumstances related to this thread, please do it in the following thread:

In an effort to not clutter the thread, I won't be saying "you're welcome" every time I'm thanked. So instead, I'll say it now to every fellow Goglodyte that has thanked me in the past, today, and into the future. You're welcome! :)

So, how does this thing work?
The short version:
*This giveaway is open to active members of the GOG community, you can ask for a single key from the list in the 2nd post.
* Keys are on a first come, first served basis. The first eligible member to ask for a game from the list will get the key. Ineligible members will be told to be more active in the forum before participating in the giveaway.
* You can only get one gift per month. The new month will begin on the 1st of the month after I make a post stating we are in the new month. Please check the 4th post in this thread titled "Important Announcements" to see when the new month has started.

The complete rules are listed below. Please read them to get the full idea.


#1. If you donate a key to this giveaway, you're leaving who gets it fully up to my discretion and the rules of this giveaway. If you'd like to pick and choose who gets what yourself, you'll have to open up a giveaway of your own.

#2. Only reputable members are accepted. By "reputable", I mean having an active and positive presence in the community. Who I deem reputable is at my discretion. As a general guideline, you must have a non-recent registration and have been actively participating in the community recently and for at least a month or so. Activity that consists mostly of giveaway entries or low effort posts like short posts on some of the forum games doesn't meet the eligibility requirements. I will be the judge on whether you are reputable enough or not. Once you are eligible, you do not stay eligible for life. I will check your recent activity every time you ask for a game to see if you are still eligible.

#3. You will be perma-banned from this giveaway if:
- you are rude
- you are on the Known Scammers list or have otherwise been shown to be an alt account/impersonator/troll
- you knowingly give empty/false/unusable codes
All blacklistings are at my discretion.

#4. Keys are first-come, first-served.

#5. Ask in the thread. No requesting via PM unless you've already requested in the thread and I somehow missed it. You can only request one key per post (even when asking for daggered keys) and requesting several gifts in order of preference is not allowed.

#6. The limit is one game per month. Exceptions are made for games in the daggered keys section, which indicates that they were given away en masse for free sometime in the past. The giveaway goes by calendar month. On the first of every month, I will make a post stating when the new month has begun and then prior giftees can ask for another game. In case you miss the post stating when the new month has begun, you can check the 4th post in this thread titled "Important Announcement" to see if we are in the new month.

#7. Please refrain from editing a post that includes a request. Please carefully consider what you want to request before you request it. If you need to change your request, please wait until at least 10 minutes after you made your original request and post a new message. If you post before 10 minutes have passed, the forum will automatically merge the two posts, which will result in an edited post. All posts that include a request or nomination will automatically be declined if they have been edited for any reason, even if it's because the GOG forum merged two of your posts.

#8. You are only allowed to request keys for yourself. Every granted key must be redeemed by the account that requested it. If you would like to request a key for a friend or family member, they need to meet the eligibility requirements and you need to nominate them for it. If a donor notices that a key they donated was redeemed by a different account than the one that requested it, please let me know about it via PM. We'll all have to have a chat about what happened, and I'll take it on a case by case basis. If there are repeated issues with the same user breaking this rule, it will lead to them being banned from the giveaway.

#9. If a game's DLC is listed alongside the base game, you're free to request just the DLC. The only way it would be required to be a packaged deal is if it's requested by the donor. When this happens, I will make a note of it on the list. This is true of all keys, including the daggered keys that include tons of games. If you'd only like one or two games, that's fine.

#10. Some games are on a multi-game code. If given such a code, only redeem the game(s) you were granted. IF YOU VIOLATE THIS RULE, YOU WILL BE PERMANENTLY BANNED FROM THE GIVEAWAY.

#11. Nominating other members is allowed and encouraged. The nomination will only be accepted if the nominee falls within the terms of this giveaway. If a key is granted to a nominee, it will count toward their monthly limit. The nominee has a week to claim the game before it is up for grabs for everyone else again. If somebody has been nominated for a game, the game will be removed from the list until either redeemed or a week has passed. If you do not wish to receive nominations, either leave a request in the thread or PM me and you'll be added to the "No Nominations For Me Now" list. If you wish to be removed from this list, let me know in the same manner.
You are allowed to make one nomination per day. If you make a nomination, please wait 24 hours before you nominate again. This is to prevent one person from solely controlling who gets what game. Only active members of the GOG community may nominate.

#12. If you wish to make a donation, please send me a chat message containing the keys. You will receive full credit for your donation and yourname will be added to the list of donors. You may, however, request to be anonymous, and I will honor this request.
I will NEVER ask for keys to be re-sent. If you get a message asking for such, ignore it, as you're likely getting scammed.

#13. Donors are welcome to check if a key has been redeemed by the user who requested it. If a key has not been redeemed, and it has been at least 72 hours since the key was granted, the donor is welcome to contact me. Upon being notified by the donor, I will notify the giftee that they must redeem the key within one week from that moment. If they fail to do so, the key will be returned to the giveaway.

#14. No code-dropping of any sort. Please. I know you mean well, but I'd rather you donate to this giveaway. If you want to simply drop the code, there are threads for that purpose.
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Available Keys:

Starred (★)Keys: (Please see post #4 for details)

Drawings end April 25th:
Disco Elysium - The Final Cut
GreedFall – Gold Edition

Standard Keys:

Abandon Ship
Atlantis 2: Beyond Atlantis
Baldur's Gate: The Original Saga
Bound By Blades
Conquest: Frontier Wars
Dwarven Skykeep
Everdream Valley
Evil Islands
Gunborg + Soundtrack
Hard West Collector's Edition + Scars of Freedom DLC
Hunt the Night
Jack Keane 2: The Fire Within
King's Bounty: The Legend
Kingdom: New Lands Royal Edition
Lamentum Digital Deluxe
Midnight Fight Express
Mortal Shell - The Virtuous Cycle DLC
Outcast: Second Contact
Panzer Dragoon: Remake
Populous™: The Beginning-Best Game Of All Time Edition
Rain World
Savant - Ascent REMIX
Screamer 4x4
Secret Agent
Shardpunk + DLC
Slime Girl Smoothies
Spellcaster Uni versity
Spirited Thief
STAR FLEET II - Krellan Commander Version 2.0
Submarine Titans
System Shock 2
Terror at Oakheart
The Samaritan Paradox
The Whispered World Special Edition
Warhammer 40,000: Boltgun

Daggered (†) Keys:

Expiring Temp Freebies:
Fallout 2 (x1) [expires May 10th 2024] !!!NO FORUM ACTIVITY REQUIRED!!!
Book of Demons (x2) [expires on May 15, 2024 (11:59 PM GMT)] !!!NO FORUM ACTIVITY REQUIRED!!!
Hammerting (x1) [Expires on May 15, 2024 (11:59 PM GMT)]]
The Elder Scrolls I: Arena + II: Daggerfall [Expires Mar 13, 2025] !!!NO FORUM ACTIVITY REQUIRED!!!

Horizon Zero Dawn Digital Comic (DLC) (x7)
The Legend of Tianding: Prequel Comic (DLC) (x1)
Lost Eidolons - White Horse (DLC) (x10)
Old World - Heroes of the Aegean (DLC) (x2)

Past Freebies:
Cave Story's Secret Santa (x15)
CDPR Goodies Collection (x10)
Deadlight: Director's Cut (x20)
Everdream Valley Goodies (x10)
Hell Division (x7)
NORCO Goodie Pack (x10)
Rawcember Goodie Pack (x6)
Sunblaze (x5)
System Shock Goodie Pack (x1)
TVGHF Goodie Pack 2022 (x4)
Warhammer Skulls Digital Goodie Pack (2022) includes Chaos Gate (x8)
Warhammer Skulls Digital Goodie Pack (2023) includes Final Liberation: Warhammer Epic 40,000 (x15)
The Whisperer (x9)
The Witcher Goodies Collection (x29)
The Witcher: Enhanced Edition (x13)
Other available daggered keys

List of this month's giftees:
gogamess (3), Provide_A_Username (3), Lone_Scout (3), anidais (3), Redfoxe (3), Tokyo_Bunny_8990 (3), Falci (3), CervelloYM (3), topolla (3), muddysneakers (3), RetroJaro (3), Licurg (3), Odessam (3), Braggadar (3), Rep7icant (3), Catventurer (3), phaolo (3), goldfishfingers (3), TheBigCore (2), csanjuro (2), RodanVeles (2), Mugiwarah (2), myconv (2), B1tF1ghter (2), PMPMGamer (2), JunglePredator (2), ConsulCaesar (2), JakobFel (2), 4thDown (2), greyhat (2), idbeholdME (2), sm5.. (2), Hustlefan (2), Clairsentient (2), Korotan (2), BranjoHello (2), pigulici (2), Lord-Marlock (2), direspirefirewire (2), action_fan (2), THESLITHERYDEE (2), TT_TT_TT_TT (2), Skyl1ne9 (2), ppavee (2), MaxFulvus (2), kai2 (2), Species8472 (2), Bum8ara5h (2), DyNaer (2), AWG43 (1), I feel so tired (1), slickrcbd (1), spds100 (1), arsalan12 (1), Cavalary (1), EverNightX (1), ChFra (1), bhrigu (1), Mad_Cat_Mk_II (1), jimrh69 (1), Ueber (1), GoldenCavalier (1), Edward_Carnby (1), .Keys (1), Melvinica (1), Cymepa (1), BurlyHeart (1), MazDen (1), nevarRed (1), CarChris (1), RavenCrowwise (1), Hurricane0440 (1), KetobaK (1), MysterD (1), MarkoH01 (1), Oddeus (1), Catac1ysm (1), ywzywz (1), Hirako__ (1), erbello, ariefhs, srhill, (ø,ø), Lazarus_03, KillingMoon, DiffuseReflection, kultpcgames, UCrest, matterbandit, andysheets1975, Alexim, Pardinuz, park_84, BlueMooner, RenKalan, zeffyr, Ruvika, Riser_N, altosy, Geralt_of_Rivia, pawel-t, triock, Snizzle012, Lionel212008, Glq62, gogtrial34987, Mortius1, Pouyou-pouyou, pferreira1983, Outriders, Lords3, ciemnogrodzianin, Accatone, UnknownTheWanted, slurredprey
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List of taken keys

List of donors

The "No Nominations For Me Now" List:

BenKii, finkleroy


- Pulkit_Agarwal (for being a key hoarder/reseller)
- DoggosaurusRx (for intentionally giving away a game to another user that was in a multi-product key)
- marsattakx (for violating rule #8 of the giveaway)
- Samweisse (for violating rule #8 of the giveaway)
- 54l2V (for violating rule #8 of the giveaway)
- Apunami (for violating rule #8 of the giveaway, using several accounts in benefit of a single user)
- Bragnoldo (for violating rule #8 of the giveaway, using several accounts in benefit of a single user)
- CaptainBumperBoots (for violating rule #8 of the giveaway, using several accounts in benefit of a single user)
- picklesoy (for violating rule #8 of the giveaway, using several accounts in benefit of a single user)


- Charodiy_UA (for being rude) (ban will be lifted June 2024)
- SvitlaSveta4 (for being rude) (ban will be lifted July 2024)
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We are now in April. All Standard key recipient's limits have been reset and all Starred Key winners wait time have been reduced by 1 month. You may now make new game requests. The new Starred game category is still in effect.
Read section below for more info on this category.

Starred (★) Games:
I have added a third tier of games called the Starred ★ category. This new category is reserved for high demand games but it will not be "first come, first served". Games in this category will be short term random draw games (24 to 48 hours long. Exact end date will be listed in parenthesis by each Starred game). Active forum members are allowed to enter in for one drawing at a time and only if you haven't received a game from the regular list for the current month. You can enter in for the drawing until the end date upon which I will roll a 12-sided for each entrant. Person with the highest dice roll wins. People who tie for highest number will roll again until we have a winner. There will also be a 3 month cooldown as opposed to the standard 1 month cooldown for any winners of a Starred game. Both 1-month and 3-month cooldowns apply to both starred and standard key requests. Daggered keys are still unlimited to request regardless if you won a Starred or Standard key. If you lose then you may still select from the list of regular games or enter for another Starred game drawing.

Note about content marked as DLC:
Even if it's not ingame content, you won't be able to redeem those codes if you don't own the base game on GOG.

Optional Approve Yourself Posts:
It appears doing a thorough vetting of Goglodytes is taking too much time for me so I've decided that you, yes, you should vet yourself. What I'd like you to do is to provide links to at least 1 post from 3 separate topics that are 3 sentences long within the last 12 months (not counting the current month) that is NOT in a giveaway thread or forum game. This will make you eligible for the CG for the next 6 months until I require it again. You can send links to your posts via PM or reply in the CG thread. If you don't do it then that is fine and I'll vet you myself like normal. This is completely optional and you don't have to do but it would help me out a lot and speed the vetting process up. I still reserve the right to deny if I believe you to be a scammer or a "not so nice person".

Anyone who wants to check their own forum activity can go to this link.
Then look on the right side of the screen and scroll down to "Topics I've participated in" to see every topic you've ever posted in.
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Let's continue tradition :)

Good luck to everyone, lots of strength to BenKii :)
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Thank you BenKii for continuing our GOG tradition!
Thank you very much BenKii for taking the mantle.
Wish you all the best.
Thanks BenKii for taking over.
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Congratulations and good luck.

A small note: In rule #2, you can probably delete "I do not mean having a high rep", given that rep is no longer visible to others, and newer people probably don't even know what it is.
Thank you BenKii and best wishes for running the giveaway!
mrkgnao: Congratulations and good luck.

A small note: In rule #2, you can probably delete "I do not mean having a high rep", given that rep is no longer visible to others, and newer people probably don't even know what it is.
Very true about that. Editing it out now.
Braggadar: QAPLA'!
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hey, BenKii, one more time thanks fur taking this GA over!
and once again, thanks, Lone_Scout fur managing it up til now!
All the best for this new iteration, and for its new keeper / torchbearer / captain ^^/