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And I also added some years ago Verschollen auf Lost Island on the wishlist, but for some reason it is no longer on the list at all!!
So there's a little nice task for someone...
Just saw this one on Steam and i want it here, it's Mad Max meets FTL!

Battle of Empires: 1914-1918 is a RTS strategy game developed first as a mod for Men of War but was released later in a standalone version. It offers a story base campaign + battles and multiplayer.

Youtube gameplay video:

Vote here:

Ultimate General Gettysburg is a game made by Darth (Nick Thomadis) maker of Darthmod for Total War games. The game playes on the battlefield of Gettysburg in the american civil war where you can play with historically accurate forces with a very demanding morale system.

Youtube gameplay video:

Vote here:
amok: KnukleCracker is also working on a new 4th game, but it is still very much in the early stages, and may not be a continuation of the Creeper World series.
Yeah it does seem to be different (space ship battling strange blob).
Alpha gameplay here:

Alpha gameplay 2 here:
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The new standalone expansion to Capitalism 2:

41 votes in 2 years, business sims are not popular :D
Stars Beyond Reach is an upcoming game from Arcen. It a 4x civilization like game with a twist. You start out on a planet where your race made unfortunate planetfall after somebod accidently erased memories of the colonists and the main ship computer. As such you have no tech but the computer did manage to get signals from an unknown race living on a strange planet called Earth and managed to extrapolate some obsolete tech that you can use as a base for your civilization. There is no unit combat as in civ games. Basically the wars happen between city buildings so that you don't need to control separate units instead of whole military might of the city state.

Edit: Game release date changed to July.

First sneak peak video of the gameplay:

Arcen also made nice humorous story videos that explain the premise of the game:

- Video 1: <span class="bold">Tales of Woe Part 1</span>
- Video 2: <span class="bold">Tales of Woe Part 2</span>

Dev site:

Some screenshots:

Vote for it here:
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Jets 'n' Guns -

It's an awesome shmup from Rake in Grass, with influence from Tyrian.

Many different ships and weapon and a ridiculously larger number of attemted humour.

Some screens:
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jamotide: The new standalone expansion to Capitalism 2:

41 votes in 2 years, business sims are not popular :D
Its not that they are not popular but Capitalism Lab uses an online drm (server verification of ownership of the game) that is needed for starting a new game (existing save games don't need online connection to play) and the dev at this moment is not prepared to part with the drm.
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Here's a classic Barry list, assuming some he didn't post earlier in this thread that have less than 300 votes. :)

1001 Spikes
Axiom Verge
The Basement Collection
BattleBlock Theater
The Binding Of Isaac
The Binding Of Isaac: Rebirth
Bit.Trip Runner
Bit.Trip Runner 2: Future Legend Of Rhythm Alien
Breath Of Death VII: The Beginning
Brothers: A Tale Of Two Sons
Bunny Must Die! Chelsea And The 7 Devils
Castle Crashers
Cave Story+
Costume Quest 2
Cthulhu Saves The World
The Dream Machine
Droid Assault
Dungeons Of Dredmor
Electronic Super Joy
Electronic Super Joy: Groove City
Finding Teddy
Finding Teddy 2
The Floor Is Jelly
Frozen Synapse
Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet
Intrusion 2
Jamestown: Legend Of The Lost Colony
Kero Blaster
Knytt Underground
Little Inferno
The Misadventures Of P.B. Winterbottom
Monaco: What's Yours Is Mine
Never Alone (Kisima Ingitchuna)
Offspring Fling!
Orcs Must Die!
Orcs Must Die! 2
Ori And The Blind Forest
Papo & Yo
Revenge Of The Titans
Rex Rocket
Shank 2
Shantae: Risky's Revenge: Director's Cut
Sine Mora
The Stanley Parable
Stealth Bastard Deluxe
Super House Of Dead Ninjas
Super Meat Boy
Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP
The Talos Principle
They Bleed Pixels
Thomas Was Alone
Titan Attacks!
Toki Tori
Toki Tori 2+
Torchlight II
TowerFall Ascension
Wings Of Vi
Matruchus: Its not that they are not popular but Capitalism Lab uses an online drm (server verification of ownership of the game) that is needed for starting a new game (existing save games don't need online connection to play) and the dev at this moment is not prepared to part with the drm.
That is why people are not voting for it on the wishlist? I'd say that is a reason to vote.Show them that demand exists.
Ronin, an upcoming "turn-based action platformer".

So far, it didn't even have a wishlist entry, and mine is the only vote...

Then again, given the relationship between GOG and Devolver Digital, chances are it will end up here anyway, but just to be safe, vote for it,
(I hope this classifies as an indie game)
I would like to suggest Kingdom Come: Deliverance. :)

The game is still in development but I assume that it would be an advantage if it already had a lot of votes on here by the time it gets released.

Kingdom Come Deliverance was funded through Kickstarter and it is supposed to be a very realistic and in depth 3d,fpp medieval RPG (and by RPG I mean role-playing game and not dungeon crawler or anything else that has a levelling system but is not designed to be role-played).
Contrary to most RPGs, KC:D is going to be set in real medieval Europe and promises that it won't rely on supernatural/fantasyish content to be enjoyable.
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<span class="bold">Dear Esther</span> - Trailer

A gorgeously rendered and brilliantly written interactive story. Some argue that it's not a game, but can you deny its beauty?

<span class="bold">Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People</span> - Trailer

An early Telltale click-em-up based on the classic website If you like clicking stuff, why not click "Vote"?

<span class="bold">Companions of Xanth</span> - Info &amp; Pics

A first-person point-and-click based on the plot of Piers Anthony's Xanth novel "Demons Don't Dream".

<span class="bold">The Moon Sliver</span> - Trailer

An eerily atmospheric, well-written first-person interactive story / exploration game.

<span class="bold">Pyst</span> - Trailer

A pardody of Myst which takes place after 4 million gamers have played the game. Starring John Goodman!

<span class="bold">Lugaru</span> - Trailer

A third-person 3D action game that pits humanoid rabbits against humanoid wolves in combat. All made by one person!

<span class="bold">Faery: Legends of Avalon</span> - Trailer

A beautiful RPG set in a gorgeous fantasy world that has you playing as a group of faeries.

<span class="bold">Power DoLLS</span> - Info &amp; Pics

An old-school Japanese Strategy-RPG that was localized in English back in 1995.
Planet Blupi is a classical game where you solve puzzles, set trapps and help Blupis to survive in any way possible. The game has about 30 missions and can be quite challenging.

Dev site:

Youtube gameplay video: (The game runs double speed in video)

Vote here:
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<span class="bold">Clandestine</span>   ( © 2014 Logic Artists  ―  Currently 5 votes )

Clandestine is a two-player co-op stealth/hacking game set in the 90's. An asymmetrical co-op system allows one player to take the role of the spy while a friend provides overwatch and assistance as the hacker, or play in Single Player and switch back and forth with the push of a button.

<span class="bold">Wishlist entry</span>
<span class="bold">Developer's website</span>
<span class="bold">Steam store page</span>
<span class="bold">Gameplay video</span>