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dmmikerpg: I am in the process of literally testing every game I have on Steam (along with trying using the steam_appid.txt file trick). So far, Atari Vault is also on this list. No txt file needed. My library there isn't very large, but I'll keep this post updated.
Mind if I ask if you tested it in the same machine where Steam is installed? Ideally, games should be tested on a computer or virtual machine that never had Steam installed to avoid the risk of Steam tempering with the results.
The people at Namco Bandai released another patch for Scarlet Nexus, and sadly it is NOT drm-free anymore.
Jagged Alliance Gold Edition is already on the list for Linux, but as it is a DOSBox game, it should run fine on all three supported systems.

War Wind will launch out of the box on Windows 10.

The Way is already on the list for Linux, but it will also work on Windows 10, out of the box.
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Didn't test their executables, but all these games are emulated and their ROMs are easily accessible:

Iridion 3D (app/1132220): Includes file called "game," which is a Game Boy Advance ROM; rename to "game.gba" to play via any Game Boy Advence emulator.

Iridion II (app/1132230): Includes file called "game," which is a Game Boy Advance ROM; rename to "game.gba" to play via any Game Boy Advence emulator.

Viper (app/1140530): The ROM are all the files in the folder [Steam install folder]\Viper\game. Launch from the .cue file.

Canon - Legend of the New Gods (app/1257920): Includes file called "game," which is a Sega Genesis/Mega Drive ROM; rename to "game.bin" to play via any Genesis/Mega Drive emulator.
Updates about Tunnel B1 (app/814600):

Also includes a MS-DOS build (also DRM free).
Linux build is borked and doesn't download anything. Only the Windows build appears to work.
Looks like every AGEOD game released via Steam should be DRM-free as it seems.

Thirty Years War is already in the list.

Now Revolution Under Siege, Wars of Napoleon and Wars of Succession confirmed to be Steam-free.

Tested on WinXP.
Okay, we're partly updated. I'll probably finish it off tomorrow.
Does anyone know if Manifold Garden works without Steam?
Some free games without drm, tested on Win7:

Fears to Fathom
Flicker of Hope
A Space for the Unbound
The Picture in the House
Be still my beating heart, we're finally all updated again.
I'm pretty sure the recently updated The Darkside Detective has had DRM added. It now permanently freezes on a "Logging in Steam User, Please Wait" startup screen. The steam_appid.txt trick made no difference. PCGamingWiki also lists it as having Steam DRM.
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Little conversation I had with someone from Zoom Platform's staff:

The staff member:

Our (upcoming) stuff on steam is DRM free, its just a store front at that point

Btw, changing the topic for a bit (we were talking about something else), Steam's rules say, in short, that they offer a glorified rental. But since the game is still the dev/publisher's property, if they say you can keep the game in case the store goes "poof", would it be legal?
Also, will that be the case for ZP's games on Steam?
The staff member:

If you buy the game on steam, it will continue to work. Just keep a copy of the install
Ideally I would like to offer some way of porting steam purchases to ZP
Bit like humble bundle
steam key and zoom installer
something to think about, but the games on steam will continue to work if you keep a copy of them
if steam goes poof, its no different than if we did I guess
You got your files, its all good for long as you dont lose them
Which is no different than buying something physical IRL
its yours until it breaks/gets lost
(some miscellaneous messages later)
The staff member:

but we wont be using any of the steam DRM on anything from our store that gets a steam release
tl;dr: Zoom Platform plans to release games on Steam as well, but they plan for these games to be "yours to keep".
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Tormented Souls (and the demo) are drm-free. No tricks needed. Tested on Windows 10.
Dark Deception is still drm free after the new chapter update.
One more client-free game:
Achtung! Cthulhu Tactics

Also, are people here interested in my listing games that are not client-free out of the box, but become client-free once the game's steam_api.dll is replaced by the emulated one supplied by the goldberg emulator (
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