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All three of Creeper World games are Steam-free and work even on WinXP.

Tested on, accordingly, WinXP.
Grounded, currently in Early Access, is DRM-free. I'll add it to the wiki when I update.
Anyone know if Kingdoms of Amalur: Re-Reckoning (remaster) on Steam is DRM-FREE over there?
MysterD: Anyone know if Kingdoms of Amalur: Re-Reckoning (remaster) on Steam is DRM-FREE over there?
My guess is no since the original is tied to Steam but I do apologize as I'm unsure whether that's actually the case.

I own the new version here and opted to get it here rather on Steam for the reason that it might be tied to Steam.
MysterD: Looks like Control: Ultimate Edition is out on Steam now.

Is it DRM-FREE on Steam?
Can it be ran without Steam?

Or...does anyone know if it's wrapped w/ Steamworks/CEG? Any other 3rd party junk?
MarkoH01: Don't know about Steam but on Epic it still is DRM-free ... and as it has been said, it is coming to GOG as well.
Good to know it's still DRM-FREE on Epic; especially since I think I still have that $10 coupon looming there?
Not sure if that expired yet, I'd have to check and all.

I'll check once today's weekly freebies go up, in an 1 hour and a half or so (i.e. around 11am EST).

I really want/need a Control: Ultimate Edition on Epic though, if I'm going to actually buy Control over there. I don't think they have a package where you can buy it all in one clip.

I's all still separate on Epic Store, unless they finally added the Ultimate Edition there.

Of course, buying stuff separate would be easier on Epic, if they actually added a Shopping Cart feature to the service so you could toss as many pieces as you needed in one big old cart.

Great! Epic added a Control Ultimate Edition finally:
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There is a strong chance alot of the games being published by Playism are drm-free. I just tested the Deer Simulator game and it's drm free.

I can't comment on all their games. Playism sells all the games from 2019 and older drm free on their own website. The only game that seems to have broken this rule is Break Arts 2. I'm not sure what it's drm status is, but on the website it only sells a steam key and it pulled out of the humble store.
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I was testing Castaway Paradise. Game ran without Steam but got connection error. Didnt try making the txt file so not sure if that would fix it.