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Up to 90% off several nightmarish treats: Layers of Fear, Stories Untold, Downfall Redux, Realms of the Haunting, Pathologic Classic HD, and more!

Fear lives in the unknown, the unsettling, the darkness lurking within and around us. It can poison the mind and paralyze the body but it can also be exhilarating, almost cathartic in those moments where you -temporarily- break free of its clutches and survive to scream another day. The freshly released <span class="bold">Outlast 2</span> and the fast approaching <span class="bold">Little Nightmares</span> offer drastically different flavors of horror, so to celebrate their coming we've put together a large selection of diverse but undeniably effective Haunted Horrors, going for up to 90% off!

A teenage angst story with a supernatural twist, lovely art, smart dialogue, and lite puzzle-solving. That's Oxenfree, the unsettling adventure set in an abandoned island whose angry spirits won't let go. Unless you let them go.

Mortals are not meant to see what lies beneath The Last Door. It's a place of madness and despair, from whence ancient horrors slowly extend their tendrils to reach the most unfortunate or misguided of us. And yet, as long as the door remains closed, you can't help but wonder what it would be like to get juuuust a quick glance...

Hide from stalking nightmares and seek the exuberance that only overcoming your fears can provide in our terrific selection of Haunted Horrors, containing lingering experiences like Oxenfree, Layers of Fear, Sanitarium, Pathologic Classic HD, Fran Bow, and more!

The <span class="bold">Haunted Horrors Sale</span> will last until April 30, 10:00 PM UTC.
Kunovski: funny how I don't like horror games very much, yet I own more than a half of these games :D
same, and i just picked up a few more today. couldnt resist the 80% off. heck, im a sucker for 2dollar games
Weclock: I so wanted to buy some of these games, but I just woke up from a nightmare and they all sound too scary now.
Luned: Locker of Wecs, haven't seen you post in ages! Welcome back!
Outcast 2!?

Oh wait, that's Outlast 2. I had my hopes up for a moment.
gloombandit: The original is an illustrated text adventure, Redux has animation, voice acting and simpler controls.

Cat Lady goes without saying.
tinyE: Someone told me to play the original, then Cat Lady, then Redux.
GOGDammit, notification system :-(

Yeah that sounds like a good suggestion, the best approach from what I recall of the Redux release thread. Something I've yet to actually do, there really aren't enough non-work hours in a day :P

Currently starting Dark Fall 1
Has anyone tried Downfall: Redux or the original version under Linux/Wine?

Edit: At least the Redux version should be good. It has a Platinum rating on WineHQ.
Post edited April 30, 2017 by eiii