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ShadowWulfe: There has to be a GOG release in the works? Right??? (or at least once he submits something, or someone has to remind him that GOG exists)
I don't know of any release, I just want this game here as I played the Superdemo and I think it has the potential to be an excellent game once it's finished :)
yogsloth: You'll notice they're not "bugs", they're "issues". And once the issues are finally resolved? Then, yes, that's right... finally... after so many years...

The third round of testing can start.

No ETA on how long that will take, though.
fronzelneekburm: Yeah, what a cop-out. Why let Sirotek win this round? Just release it already, nowadays you can patch that shit post-release. Let the players do the beta testing for you. That's how things are done now.

EDIT: Cleve mentioned GOG again in a recent post.

Either I will try to get it on Steam or GOG for distribution, I don't know which yet.
fronzelneekburm: @Judas and the GOG crew: Time to start courting Cleve for a GOG release. Steam-exclusive Grimoire must not happen!
It's just like the thing Cleve was talking about :P