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Glazunov: Did you also have Sargon? Those RAM restrictions made it so dumb that even I could beat it.
yogsloth: Google tells me that was a chess game. I don't think so; I don't remember anything like that. But then again I really only remember the two I listed earlier.
When RAM became a lot more available and programs were stored on (surprise!) a hard drive, Sargon actually grew into a moderately formidable chess AI, at least against nonlinear types such as myself. Back in the day, though, it would take up to 30 minutes (if allowed; I seem to recall you could set the ply for much less) to move.

Ah, good times. Heh.
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Khmm .
I like this response:
See u guise in 2037
Glazunov: I like this response:

See u guise in 2037
Hey that's only 10100 in binary, which is much more reasonable for a Blakemore project.