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Dear Secret Santa,
Thank you so very much for such a fun and colorful treasure trove of gifts. You can be assured I have a big smile on right now and can hardly wait delve into them, unlocking the strategies and secrets and lore.... (Actually, the first one is DLing now.) :D I hope some of your fondest wishes have come true also, but most of all I wish you a wonderful holiday and a joyfilled heart! Thanks again!

Thank you also to GOG for the additional gift surprise, a truly fun touch of cheer!

A very big Thank You, Santa zeffyr, for organizing this - keeping the lists straight, checking them twice, and generally keeping us Secret Santas and Elves all sorted on our mission (even those last-minute ones!) with cheerfulness and Santa style. HO-HO-HO! To you and all the Santas, Elves and Helper Elves - I wish you Joy, I wish you Cheer, I wish you Hearts full of Hope and Laughter to last thru this coming year. Happy Holidays to all! :)
Thanks to my Secret Santa for the gift and Zeffyr for organising this. Also to GOG for the extra gift.
It took me a while to get here as the festivities have made me feel too full, tipsy or amused with loved ones but finally I managed to looked under my GOG Christmas tree to find a plethora of awesome stuff. Thank you so much to my Secret Santa and the others who made myself and so many others feel like that little kid from (not so?) long ago waking up on Christmas morning full of anticipation.

I hope everyone found something to be excited about in their stockings or under the tree. I wish everyone and their friends, families and loved ones in general very happy holidays and I hope you'll enjoy your gifts as much as I will mine.

Very special thanks to zeffyr and all the helper elves - you guys are awesome and I'm certain you've helped a lot of people have a better holiday than they would have without you.

Cheers everyone and thank you once more time!
Merry Christmas and happy holidays! Hopefully this season brings smiles and happiness.

Thanks to our host and those that participated to make this another great year for Secret Santa.

Merry Christmas everyone!

Thank you to my Secret Santa for the great gifts and thank you to Clownski_ for the extra gift!

Thank you to all the other Secret Santas, as well as the Elves, both the Helper and the Secret ones.

Last but not least, thank you to our host zeffyr for once again hosting Secret Santa.

That is all, hope to see you again next year.
Similar to what everyone else has said. Thanks a lot to my Secret Santa, I'm well pleased with my gift! Thanks to Gog and Clownski_ for the extra game. Thanks to zeffyr for organising everything and thanks to everyone else for making it fun :-D
Dear Secret Santa

Thank you so much as I had a big smile as I tore into them downloading the DLC and games! wishing you a very merry christmas!

And thank you for a great year Santa zeffyr
So happy to see all the Holidays cheer and GOGers merrily unwrapping theur presents under the Christmas tree!

Thank you my Secret Santa, for gifting me one of my most wanted games, will play it with a big smile on my face soon.

Of course, round of thanks (and a pint of special Christmas grog) goes to our papa Santa zeffyr for another great year of hosting the merriest event on GOG forums.

Even though I'm not gonna redeem the present I received from GOG, I still appreciate the thought while passing the code to community giveaway where I'm sure it will make some else happy.

Merry Christmas everyone! :)
Huge thanks to my Secret Santa (or should I say Elf) for the wonderful gift!

A big thank you to GOG for boosting the Christmas spirit with an extra gift: thanks Clownski_!

Many thanks to zeffyr for having organized the whole event once again and to every participant.

Merry Christmas Everybody!
I'm back at my place, belly stuffed with Mom's cooking, some espresso and Italian desserts, and perhaps even a splash of Xmas bubbles in the form of alcohol in my blood. xD It was a low-key Xmas getogether (Mom was too depressed to put up the Xmas tree this year), but it was filled with love and laughter, and that's good enough for me. ;)

To my Secret Santa: I opened up your present as soon as I walked in my door and I'm happy for the cocktail of little gems you gifted me. :) Thank you for this "pleasure of variety", as you so aptly called it. :D

Thank you, Santa Zeffyr, for all those chimneys you blessed with your presence! xD We truly appreciated all of your hard work. Hope it was worth it, getting all that soot all over your red suit! ;)

Clownski_: Hope you all enjoy the extra games I've picked as well – happy holidays everyone! :)
I just opened up your little surprise and I want to thank you, Clownski, and the GOG team for your thoughtful gift! :) So very unexpected! :D

Edit: (thanks for jolting my memory, woosk) I forgot to say a BIG THANKS to all of the Secret Elves and Helper Elves too! They work their special magic behind the scenes and without their selfless devotion and generosity, Xmas on GOG would not be the same. :) Thank you!
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Thank you zeffyr and all the Secret Elves for organizing this year's Secret Santa event. To my Secret Santa and GOG, thank you very much for the gifts. Hope to participate again in next year's Secret Santa event.
Thank You very much, Secret Santa & Zeffyr.

2022 edition has been a total success.

See you in 2023!


Thank you to my secret santas!!!

and thanks to Zeffyr for organizing everything!
Big thanks to my Secret Santa! I'm so excited by what I got!

And extra thanks to zeffyr for organizing and to GOG for the extra gift. Happy 2023!
Thank you so much for this event!
Have a happy new 2023! 💚