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Sorry this is so late (work/personal stuff got in the way) but thanks to my own Secret Santa, my Secret Santa giftee, and everyone else who participated, especially Zeffyr. This was a badly needed ray of positivity in a year-end season where I (and a lot of other folks in my orbit) struggled.

See all of you next year, and may your 2023 suck a lot less than 2022.
Happy new year!
I'd like to thank zeffyr from the bottom of my heart, he's been a very thoughtful and kind Secret Santa to me even though I was unable to partake in this wonderful event. He surprised me with the most charming and generous New Year's gift, putting a big smile on my face just before 2022 bid us farewell; he truly is the embodiment of the spirit of the institution of the GOG Secret Santa.

So, @zeffyr, thank you so much again, hope 2023 is at least as kind and generous to you as you are to others.

All the best for the New Year, everyone.
HypersomniacLive: I'd like to thank zeffyr from the bottom of my heart...
^ This is so wholesome. I'm glad Santa Zeffyr surprised you with a kind gesture. Made me smile reading this. :)
Thank you all, the pleasure is mine :-)

PS. Secret Santa event will return... Dun dun dun!
high rated
I know Christmas was more than a month ago, but once again I want to say thank you to my Secret Santa for the amazing gifts. By now I've spent more than 50 hours with Gordian Quest (completed the campaign and played some postgame content and some realms) and I absolutely love this game.

I've also played half of the first Rescue Rover. But I'm stuck on one level (I guess I just have to find the right block to push) and don't want to look up the solution.

Next on my list is Wildfire.

So thank you for the great selection of games. I'm sure I will continue to have fun with them for a very long time.