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Well there's mine sent. Now I'm off to wrap some "real life" pressies while the kids are asleep!
The present is all set and ready to go.
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Dear Secret Santas end Elves, news from the front - we have a blizzard, it's snowing gifts! Good news we have Rudolph and his light guides me through the piles of wonderful presents.

Your positive words, kindness and generosity don't stop to amaze me :-) Thank you!

Today is the last day to deliver your Santa gifts to me. Most of them are already in my bag, ready to be put under your Christmas trees tomorrow :-) I'm sure the last ones will be wrapped in shiny paper with a bow soon, and tomorrow - a very happy day, look out for the red light outside your window, high up the horizon ;-)
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♩♪ just wanted to say... never worry if you break a post xD Merry Christmas 🎅🎄🤶
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This is the Christmas spirit I waited to witness once again haha totally worth the wait. Merry Christmas everybody love ya all!!!
And the gift have arrived. thank you so much my secret santa.

Time to meet Diablo again!

And thanks GOG team for the extra gift <3
What a great gift!!!
I'm going to need a new tree, because there's not enough room under it :D
Merry Christmas to everyone and my greatest gratitude to my Secret Santa!
Thank you my secret santa. Your selection is amaze me. You have good taste of games i think

For everyone happy new year.
Thanks to zeffyr for this wonderful exchange, and to my secret Santa for the thoughtful gifts. As someone with whom I have interacted on several occasions, the gifts really do represent the old-school spirit of gaming we both appreciate. Thank you both!
Dear Secret Santa,

Thank you so very much for what may well be charmingest selection of video games I have ever been gifted and, furthermore, for what is undoubtedly the cheerfullest message accompanying it. It put a much needed smile on my face. Thank you.

Your Niceling Apparent


And thank you, zeffyr, for the flawless organisation.
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Thank you very much Santa I love the gift and thanks zeffyr for organising this magical event.
Thank you very much, my dear Secret Santa, for being merciful to me (perhaps little more than I deserved)! All the joy and happiness to you, your elves and reindeers!
Thanks GOG for second present and of course for creating this store so that this event became possible!
And the last but not least, thank you very much zeffyr for all the efforts to support it!
Merry Christmas everyone, let's nobody spoil your holidays (like spammer above) ))))
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Merry Christmas to all of you! All the gifts have been put under your Christmas trees, I can hear the wrapping paper is being shredded as I'm writing this now :-)

The words can't describe my gratitude for your kindness, I'm so impressed by the amount of good will and sincere wishes to fellow Santas and Elves. Speaking of Elves, without them this event couldn't be possible - thanks to you everyone got their gifts on time. Big, big thank you!

And this year again, the amount of gifts we had to deliver with Rudolph's help was doubled - thanks to GOG's generosity everyone got a second gift from them - thank you GOG for making our event even more splendid, thank you very much!

As you know, checking everything twice while delivering gifts is a good rule and I made sure everyone got their gifts without any mistake, but if something isn't working - let me know! We'll check it and fix it if needed :-)

I wrote these wishes in the chat messages multiple times already, but let me write them again here - I wish you all the best, have a wonderful Christmas and a terrific 2023! Thank you, Secret Santas and Elves!
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Merry Christmas everyone :)

What a lovely day, made even lovelier by my Secret Santa! I can't thank you enough for the great gift, you are awesome.

A huge thanks to zeffyr as well for making this event flow beautifully!

Last but not least, thanks GOG for the kind gesture!

I wish you all health and happiness for you and your loved ones!
A big thank you to my very generous Secret Santa! I'm super happy with the games I got and I am really looking forward to play them. And since A big bunch of extra free time wasn't wrapped together with all those games, poor my family :)

Also thank to all secret Elves who had campfire in neighbourhood and forget extra package when they left.

And last but not least thanks Zeffyr for perfect organization!

Merry Christmas and all the best to New Year everyone!

PS. And to not forget to give special thanks to GOG for their extra Secret Santa's gift. You're really awesome! Can't imagine other storefront to act like you.
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