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The classic FPS is back on modern computers thanks to the efforts of GOG and Nightdive Studios! Play a game based on the cult fantasy series by Robert Jordan and set in his rich fantasy universe.
Genre: Action, RPG, Strategy
Discount: 10% off until 13th April 2022, 1 PM UTC

Want to know more about The Wheel of Time? Watch the interview with one of the game’s original creators, Glen Dahlgren, performed by kilg0re_tr0ut on his channel on 6th April, at 6 PM UTC.
Nice to see Wheel of Time here, was always curious with this game even well before reading the books
A pleasant surprise on GOG. Just a few months ago I was playing this videogame (physical edition) and, without a doubt, it has been one of the best experiences I've ever had. A highly recommended title, really.

Thank you, GOG!
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The game would also have Italian and Spanish, but it's just another case of old games where translations are lost because they are commissioned to external studios and publishers. In my opinion it wouldn't be impossible to include them, but probably they don't think it's worth contacting these publishers for the money they would get from it.
Nice to see another classic rerelease.
Dogmaus: Another lazy release without German
At least i can play it in hungarian since it has an unofficial translation . =)
Interesting, i had no idea that this game even was a thing. Should i add it to my wishlist?
Swedrami: Except that the Amazon series is utter dog shit, made for the "modern audience".
Nergal01: Haven't seen a single episode yet (and probably won't, I got enough stuff to watch), but if we got the game back because of it, who am I to complain? :D
Maybe we should hope then that someone makes a 'No One Lives Forever' movie or series...
Honestly never heard of this, but I can tell Unreal Engine 1 when I see it. Meaning it probably plays very well.
This sort of release is why I love GOG. I never got to finish this game and I lost the CD ... time to give The Ways another crack!
Nergal01: Yeeeeesss!!!! Finally. I was hoping someone would take advantage of Wot's renewed popularity thx to the streaming show. Thanks, Nightdive and GOG!
Swedrami: Except that the Amazon series is utter dog shit, made for the "modern audience".
or, alternatively, a really good adaptation given the budget limitations imposed by the IP's public profile.

< 25 year fan of the books.

Is there any indication of the changes made to work on modern hardware/software?
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One more thing.

Seeing as the partnership with Nightdive seems to be flourishing, let me once again bring up the somewhat obscure FPS from 1998 - Z.A.R.

It's currently published only on the S platform by Nightdive. If possible, could you please bring it here too? An oldie like that would fit here perfectly (and I'd finally be able to get it :) ).
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I'm a bit preoccupied playing through all the Batman: Arkham games at the moment, but I'm gonna go ahead and grab this to show my support! Keep bringing back old games!
avatar Nightdive Studios
NightDive, eh?

I guess this one will have to go on the wishlist until NightDive releases the long-promised Quake Enhanced Edition on gog.
OMG finally :D I really did not want to go digging the boxes for my original discs lol :D
Wasn't this game only like a few hours long, and was never given a proper release?