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Tangledeep, a dungeon-crawler RPG carrying all the charm of the 16-bit classics, is now available DRM-free on, 10% off until February 8, 6PM UTC.
Where fearful villagers and simple folk won't venture, that's where you must go: Through Tangledeep, the perilous labyrinth that's been keeping people from reclaiming the lands above. Slay the monsters dwelling there, collect long-lost treasures, meet peculiar characters, and solve the mysteries of its constantly-shifting caverns.

Grab the soundtrack separately or together with the game for an additional 15% off.
The Dev of DUNGEONMANS is helping the dev of this game bring it to completion... very fun game!
Is this true ?

When will Dungeonmans will be released on Gog ?
Nightblair: Sounds like an interesting game!

A question: can I control it with keyboard only, without touching mouse at all?
I noticed on the game page for Tangledeep its description has explanations about that, but the "read more" link has to be clicked. It has a long list of features and that is near the bottom of the list. Near that it mentions about being able to use both, or just the mouse, or customize the bindings completely. But don't just take my interpretation of it, see the full description on the game page.
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I despise rogueshites...But I'm getting/Wishlisting this as I love how they dealt with perma-death, and I'm a sucker for pixel graphics, as I'm attracted to them from an illustrator's perspective rather than nostalgia, so yep, sign me up as the DEVs were conscientious for many anti-rogueshitters like myself!

The fact that they devv'd rebinds as a feature and both established traditional while easing up on the perma-death penalties shows they really care about both the well-established death-heads and anti-rogueshitters alike deserves to be rewarded!
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This game is much worse than Tales of Maj Eyal, really should avoid it. Dont fall for the pixel graphics marketing gimmick. Should be called Tangleflat
@LePeureux: why?
KasperHviid: Anyone got any opinion on Heroic Mode versus Hardcore?

Heroic Mode lets you save banked goods and town progress and is "the intended way to experience Tangledeep"

Still, Hardcore sounds more pure somehow.
Here ya go...You're welcome...
thomq: I noticed on the game page for Tangledeep its description has explanations about that, but the "read more" link has to be clicked.
Yes, thanks. I've just somehow haven't read to the end of the list. Guess I should do that next time before asking questions :)

aaversa: Absolutely. I personally play it with keyboard only, classic style with numpad (WASD is also an option). You can also play it with *only* mouse or *only* controller, or any combination.
Thank you. Found also your reddit thread on roguelikes, you seem to love your game, that's always a good sign. Also, 1st day Linux release *and* DRM free is commendable.
I played Tangledeep during In Development and it's pretty good; It feels like the roguelike version of an old jrpg. It's also a quite a bit more beginner friendly than a game like Tales of Maj'Eyal, which can quickly overwhelm you with the number of options available to you - not to say that Tales isn't good, but that it has a much higher barrier to entry.

Congratulations on the release! I'd recommend changing some of the screenshots to better reflect the current state of the game, especially the one that still only shows the old jobs.
aaversa: Tangledeep does away with what I consider to be some of the more "crufty" and un-fun elements of roguelikes [...] The challenge comes not from memorizing tons of weird interactions and arcane commands, but defeating powerful monsters bristling with abilities in a procedural battlefield. [...]

As you progress through the game, you'll need to learn to bob and weave through the battlefield, use lots of skills [...], select the right weapons [...] and carefully observe your enemies. Many monsters reshape the battlefield [...] while others will push, pull, and knock you around.

There's also the whole town element to the game which provides some fun and unique ways to progress outside of pure combat. For example, you can capture virtually any monster in the game and make them your [...] If you get multiple monsters, it's possible to breed them together and make new monsters that inherit stats, traits and abilities from both parents!

It's not just a straight shot through a random dungeon, either. There are all sorts of side areas you'll encounter from forests and deserts to frozen ruins with new NPCs, shops, and quests. For the powergamers and min-maxers you can spend dozens of hours customizing your gear [...] and so much more.

The best I can say is that this game was made with love and passion. It's the dream project I've wanted to make my whole life and I've spent the last 2 years making it happen. I think you can see and hear that passion shine through if you play the game :-)
Thanks for coming forward and for the thorough explanation. It is very nice how legacy design traits that are just outdated were avoided and how the game seems to suceed in being different by studying older games, learning what works and what does not work and building on that experience.

Also, from what can be read, it seems that the game provides interesting options while making itself approachable for beginners, also offering ways to tune up and down the difficulty in meaningful, thought out ways.

Finally, some fellow GOGers mention that the overall experience wraps it all; that is very interesting for some players (like here this one) that eventually might leave unless there is a story (or hints of a backstory) and some mysteries to learn about to grip them. Music and small details can do wonders for a game if the game is up to the challenge, too, and it appears that this department was well cared for.

Congratulations for finishing this work of love, and best of luck with this game and any future ones you endeavour to make.

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Dropped by to "Thank you" for the Linux (sup)port (and game goes into my library).
kohlrak: I am considering this, but I only have 2GIGs of RAM, and a 1.2GHz dualcore processor. Looks fun, but I don't want another game that looks like a SNES game, but has more trouble running on my computer than skyrim. Worth my time?
HiPhish: Sometimes game developers will simply put up the specs they were able to test the game on. Barony for example should not work at all on my potato, yet it runs flawlessly. In the old days when game developers wanted you to buy their game they would put out a free demo for you to try. I miss those days.
Same. Although X2: The Threat's demo lied to me. There are parts that are very, very difficult to get a good framerate on.

Guess i'll have to take the plunge and refund, otherwise, if i want it. I'll have to think about that risk level before buying.

On the plus side, i'm now playing nethack again because of this.

LePeureux: This game is much worse than Tales of Maj Eyal, really should avoid it. Dont fall for the pixel graphics marketing gimmick. Should be called Tangleflat

KasperHviid: @LePeureux: why?
I really hate it when people don't use quotes, thus not triggering the notification system.
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Avoid this game it is a terribly bland roguelike. The devs have deleted my criticism on the steam forums just because it hurt their sales
high rated
Yes, I did delete LePeureux's threads (plural) on Steam because he was being toxic and abusive to other forum members.

His actual review (the thing that is most visible, and does affect sales) is still up. I did not touch that, nor would I ever
delete a critical review, no matter bad it is. (You'll note he has 0.3 hours of total playtime.)

I'm not afraid of negative criticism. I'll even link his review so everyone can read it. Judge for yourself.

I have no problem with negative criticism. I do have a problem with toxic forum behavior. If you don't like my game, that's fine. But rather than spending your time writing on multiple forums how much you don't like it, maybe do something more positive with your time.
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Just got it, will play it tomorrow after a bit of Monster Hunter World, I sure hope Tangledeep is as fun as it looks. :)

It's great to see a dev being so involved with the community, props to you aaversa! ;)
aaversa: Yes, I did delete LePeureux's threads (plural) on Steam because he was being toxic and abusive to other forum members.
You shouldn't delete threads unless they contain dangerous information (like illegal material, someone's private information, NSFW material). When you delete a thread and then tell people "he was being toxic and abusive" it becomes a "he said, she said" situation where we have to take your word that the person was really being abrasive and not that you were trying to cover something up. Go ahead and lock the threads, but don't be patronizing. It someone is being an idiot let them be an idiot in front of everyone, otherwise it looks like you are trying to hide something.