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Test your skills in a fast-paced free-moving roguelite platformer set in a post-apocalyptic world where a mysterious entity wreaked havoc on all humanity. ScourgeBringer is now available DRM-free on GOG.COM with a 15% discount lasting until 28th October 2020, 2 PM UTC! Help the brave warrior Kyhra to explore the unknown and slash her way through ancient machines guarding the seal of her past, and maybe the redemption of humanity.

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pkk234: I would understand the 'level design' criticism if this was a metroidvania, but it's not.
It even advertises itself in the trailer as a roguelite. It's more like Isaac or Monolith in terms of exploration.
Panaias: Does this game have randomly generated areas and stuff?
It seems it's the general idea of PGEN: rooms are designed and levels are generated based on certain rules.
timppu: Not my cup of tea, but then I don't even drink tea.
Let me guess : You're a real man! You chew raw coffee beans! ;)