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"But if you tame me, then we shall need each other".

The developers promised to deliver a DRM-free version of the game and this is them honoring that promise!

<span class="bold">RiME</span>, the beautifully evocative puzzle adventure of a boy and a fox exploring a wondrous island, is now available, DRM-free on with a 10% launch discount.

You are unsure of what lies ahead and how to approach it. Guided by your instincts and inherent curiosity, you follow this strange fox and start studying the environment for clues, secrets, and hidden interactions. The beauty of the island and its strange inhabitants will eventually reveal themselves to you but when that happens, will you still be that same impressionable boy?

The 10% discount lasts until June 23, 1PM UTC.

In the Press:

"In paring back its design and focusing on only a few key elements, the studio has created an uncommonly beautiful, open-hearted game." - 9/10 EDGE

"I haven't played anything like this since Journey. It is a stunning game to explore and exist in, and the story is going to move a lot of people." - 9/10 God is a Geek

Watch the lovely trailer.
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mechmouse: If as a developer/publisher you repeat this course for your next game please could you at least mention the intention to release via GoG so people can make an informed purchasing decision. There are people that would have prefered to buy via GoG but would have got your game from Steam because like 70% of all games it looked like it would only ever be available via Steam.
This, right here.
Lately I don't buy any Steam games for fear that the better version will show up on GOG and I'll have to buy it again.

I used to buy the Steam version because that was the only version available at the time. Then 6 months later, GOG gets it, and I swear and cuss and buy it again. Well, I quit doing that now. If it doesn't come to GOG, I can live without it.
muntdefems: I sometimes wonder why do they allow these abuses from devs/publishers...
I guess GOG is still small enough to where they need devs and pubs more than devs and pubs need them?
RiME_Tim: In my original post on Steam, I did state that if RiME was cracked we would remove Denuvo from the game. The same day RiME was cracked, we updated our versions of RiME that did not include Denuvo.
I really liked The Sexy Brutale and want to support you guys, so I already bought RiME as soon as it was released here. That said: do you have any idea how exasperating this attitude is for GOG users? "OK, we'll release this on Steam with DRM, and if it gets cracked then maybe we'll throw a bone to you GOG peasants." What if the game hadn't been cracked, either because the DRM was too tough or because no one was interested - would it just never have been released here? How are we supposed to know?

The only thing Denuvo seems to have got you is a load of bad publicity, and probably lower sales of RiME on GOG due to being released during the summer sale. I really hope your publisher has learned their lesson from this, because if they do the same next time, I won't bother buying on day 1 and will just wait for a sale. Which would be a shame, as I'm enjoying RiME and am looking forward to your future games as well.
Given that their previous game was a Day 1 release here, it's probably a safe bet that a publishing deal forced their hands regarding DRM - they were quite happy to get rid of it as soon as it was cracked (probably telling their publisher at the same time: "told ya so")
So perhaps now everyone can move on, and discuss and enjoy RiME (instead of a business decision that may have nothing to do with the developers actually visiting the forum here!)

Ok, let's start: it's one of the most beautiful games since ICO,
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Why there is no RiME forum?
can we maybe get a statement explaining the absurd regional pricing the game has?

base price (US): 29,99$
EURO zone*: 39,49$ / 34,99€ (+32%)
Poland: 39,48$ / 34,99€ / 145,09PLN (+32%)
Denmark: 39,44$ / 34,99€ / 260 DKK (+32%)
United Kingdom: 38,69$ / 34,29€ / 29,99 GBP (+29%)
Switzerland: 30.14$ / 26,79€ / 29,00 CHF
Canada: 29,61$ / 39,99 CAD
Norway: 23,80$ / 21,09€ / 200 NOK (-21%)
Sweden: 23,19$ / 20,59€ / 199.70 SEK (-23%)
*note: Czech Republic and Hungary have the "honor" of being part of the EURO zone here

I mean I don't want to spoil the party for our Nordic friends, but what the heck ? This doesn't even remotely make sense.
Did you just throw the dice ? Too much Tequila while working out the prices ?

Paying 1/3 more is just beyond reasonable.
As it is the game (and the company) will just be moved to my "I'm not buying your stuff" - list.
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