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It's time for your rice to glory!

<span class="bold">The Emperor's Challenge</span> DLC, a fresh expedition with four new explorers who like their adventures extra-eastern, is now available, DRM-free on

A temperamental science prodigy, an alluring dancer, a grouchy scout, and an unstable scrapper - they're all coming to face Indonesia's exotic challenges. Chief amongst them The Emperor's Challenge, which will pit you against the insufferable Rivaleux in a battle of wits, skills, and love for expensive porcelain.

Get the base game for -50% and the <span class="bold">More to Explore</span> expansion for -34% until May 17, 5:00 PM UTC. If you already own both, you can complete your collection by getting The Emperor's Challenge 20% off.

Renowned Explorers: International Society is now also available on GOG Connect until May 24 and it just received a pretty hefty content update to boot!

Explore the trailer.
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avatar Get the base game for -50% and the <span class="bold">More to Explore</span> expansion for -34% until May 17, 5:00 PM UTC. If you already own both, you can complete your collection by getting The Emperor's Challenge 20% off.
How about the "Renowned Explorers Bundle" here on It doesn't seem to include the new DLC, it is not on sale, and thus it is currently more expensive than buying the game and the "More to Explore" DLC separately... Last time the game went on sale, this bundle was forgotten as well.
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Godfather101: So you've never bought an Expansion in the 20th century?
Or Baldurs Gate : Tales of the Sword Coast?
If you don't like Expansions to games you like, fine, but don't let the label "dlc" bring you to the "knowledge" that a game/developer is bad.
First of all, thank you for a very civilized reply - much appreciated! You made several very strong points, and I'm not going to dispute them.

What I don't like is that DLCs are the official strategy of the day. A few years back one of the big publishing houses (EA? Activision? - don't remember) even had in their annual report that they'd focus on DLCs because of their favorable margins. Which is very understandable from business point of view. But I want one full-blown story that has a beginning and an end, and then maybe move on to the next story in a sequel. Because if there's, say, an additional campaign released, I - because I want to know the whole story - feel obliged to buy it because I'd be "forever" haunted by what I might have missed, even if the base game was mediocre. And that's exactly what the publisher is counting on. And that's why I love, e.g., Brian Fargo and InXile because he said in the Kickstarter pitch for The Bard's Tale IV something like, "We know that what you want is to pay for your game once and then enjoy it for hours." I realize that's also just a carefully chosen business strategy - but for that one I'm a happy target group.

Yes, I totally agree that one can't compare, e.g., the additional campaigns for The Witcher 3 with additional skins. But I also think that we can agree on that the percentage of additional content being released for current games is much higher than 10 or 20 years ago, and that the reason actually is easier money.

The publishers/developers pump out DLCs with nice margins because people buy them.

The only way to stop it is to vote with my wallet. Which is what I'm trying to do.

And now my, a bit harsh, but reasonably pragmatic, main point: As of today, I have 560 games on my GOG account. Probably enough for the rest of my life, esp. as I love RPGs (just Geneforge I-V is about 300-400 hours in total, SSI Gold Box games will total up in 1000s), and gfx isn't an issue for me (when Baldur's Gate II came out, my main gaming machine was the C=64, and in a way, it still is, because there's no "too much graphics, not enough gameplay"). I have good intentions to play all of the games one day, yet I have a suspicion that it won't happen. So if "DLCs are evil" is my rule of thumb (that has exceptions, like the aforementioned The Witcher 3) and I more or less stick to it, I'm voting with my wallet (doing my part in trying to stop the DLC calculative insanity), and the worst thing that can happen is that I will miss a great game. The thing is, no matter what, I will always miss great games. Because I can't play them all anyway.

But as said: those of you who like DLCs, maybe because they enable you to stay longer in your favorite world, enjoy them. But for me, two words - "DLC" and "franchise" (generally: pumping out sequels until the game's world is driven into the ground and the public loses interest, so all "franchises" logically end with a bad game, which is sad; again, exceptions exist) - are two words that make a lot of business sense, but without them, I'd be a much happier gamer.
gamesfreak64: Old games : 70s-80-s and early 90s usually had a game that if there was DLC or addons/ expansions the main game was already extremely well: red alert, baldurs, and all the famouse old good classic games.
So a DLC addon / expansion whatver they call it was usually worth buying as soon as it was released, 20th century is usally quick money making.
With emphasis on the usually, i.e., exceptions exist, I totally second that.
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Yeah, and thats the point.
This Dlc here, The Emperors Challenge, is said exeption from the "money-grabbing-dlc-trash"-rule.
Because its a full blown expansion.
Its like the Witcher 3 Expansions.
Much much much new content, new stuff, new characters and so on.

I don't buy visual dlc crap either, but i think its a little unfair to put this Dlc in the line of "another boring cash grab".
Because that it is not.
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