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Mercs don't die in their beds.

Jagged Alliance: Rage! is now available DRM-free. Get it 10% off until February 14th, 4pm UTC.

Welcome to the jungle, we got fun and blades.
Guide a hardened group of special operatives as they take a whole island apart in order to eliminate a dangerous drug lord. Turn-based tactical takedowns with uniquely skilled characters, narcotics that can be used against your enemies, and plenty of unsavory heroics.

Note: Due to technical reasons, the game does not support online play on GOG.COM. To compensate for it, its base price is set 15% lower than on other digital stores.
gamesfreak64: i read many reviews and many times i found them to be too positive, as if they are afraid to rate games down eventhough it's obvious the game are not that good, also noticed that many sites that alway give positive reviews have more hits, visitors and rankings, because it looks like the majority doesnt like to read bad reviews, but the sun isn't always shining, sometimes it rains and sometimes it pours.
LootHunter: And sometimes reviewer can genuenly like the game.
Maybe, but we will never really know that cause we can't look inside someone's mind to see what is going on, and many times i have said that the game itself is not bad, its just the way it plays, the engine is the most important part of any game, thats why i check youtubes for videos, if and when i see the same kind of 'graphics'
like the sterile stone or metallic looking wals, square trees that supposed to be real trees, then its 99% avoid to me.
Too many games have rooms looking like the one in the room,jpg image i attached, seeing rooms like that and after double checking videos and see how it turns 360 degrees , can be zoomed in sometimes tilted then its a no buy, so its usually not the game or story its the engine.... thats the reason to hide the games on steam , an option like that would be very handy here at GOG cause oftne after a long while i see games and then it turns out i did not like them, but since we cannot hide them....

I used the hide game on the shelves alot ... but thats because i was new in 2014 so i bought almost anything without looking for screenshots and videos.

2016 : the years i got very cautios and triple checked every game before buying cause i had hidden lots of games on the shelves, but that wont happen again, no i became more caustious in buying games.
Anyway, i do have >1600 casual games ( 399 retail ( drm free) 90% are games i like and the ones i dont play are either crashing too much ( never fixed by some steam devs) or cant play without Steam running :D

check attachement: room,jpg
Unclean: Decent but buggy game. Get it when it's cheaper if you want to check it out.
Bugs can be fixed if not they should stop selling the game or lower the price with 90% ( steam has many games that have unfixed bugs cause many devs dont reply :D)
Anyway those games we can hide :D now to add a way to hide entire publishers on Steam would be nice, would also be a nice feauture here :D
room.jpg (48 Kb)
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This makes me ask: how is Jagged Alliance 2 1.13 going? And has anyone tried the stracciatella version? Can anyone say if it runs well on Linux?
Every time I see a Jagged Alliance-like game I feel like replaying JA2.
As far as I'm concerned, Jagged Alliance ended at 2, screw GOG too for accepting this trash while rejecting some true gems.
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