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Wage epic turn-based battles as you follow Daryon and Selene on their quest to find a cure to the all-consuming Corrosion in this grand tale of hope and sacrifice. Edge Of Eternity is now available on GOG.COM with a 15% discount until 15th June 2021, 3 PM UTC.

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nightcraw1er.488: Well, any game with a main character could be considered a “role” so perhaps we need multiple levels of categorisation underneath that as well...
TZODnmr2k5: My god, you're right, how about this: An aWDGFFITSOAJOCROaPAIaSaSBG!

IE: A Western Developed Game From France In The Style Of A Japanese Originated Computer Role Of a Particular Actor In a Specific Attribute Stats and Skill-Based Game! :)
“ Specific Attribute Stats and Skill-Based Game”
Come come now, where does game stop and mathematical model begin?
dtgreene: I'd still like answers to the questions I asked earlier in this thread.
Im quite curious as well.

A sidenote.. aint no jrpg if it doesnt have japanese voice overs. Just kidding ;)
The game looks nice based on the video and reviewers so far seem to give it a good rating.

Always looking to fill that insatiable hunger for more RPGs lol.

Wishlisted for now.



To echo eric5h5 time and technology does indeed march on, though there are times I wish I could rewind. :)

Witcher 3 is probably what got me to upgrade eventually in 2016. I loved the 80's and 90s, but realistically it's tough to play newer games without upgrades if they add all the bells and whistles that makes us want to try it out.

Take Cyberpunk 2077 for instance. I have a 1080 Classified GPU, but if I want to play it at its best setting, I'd need RTX 3080 for RT Ultra or RTX 2060 for RT Minimum. Sadly, none of those are an option for me right now lol.

I still got the game and will enjoy it at the lower "Recommended" setting. Maybe in the future I'll replay it once I can afford to upgrade, likely by then it'll be a QPX 3080, a Quantum Processer GPU (made that up btw lol).

As to your other questions, I'm curious as well.

It does appear quite Open World though, so that may be a hint that it isn't linear. I would prefer a non-linear game myself. Though party limits and level caps don't bother me as much, given how enjoyable games like Dragon's Dogma are.

I've ruined my experiences too much in the past by focusing on min/maxing, attributes, skills, level caps, etc. and ended up wasting a lot hours I could have put towards additional games.

I'm not getting any younger and my backlog will likely never be finished in this lifetime. So best not to linger, at least imho. :)
EDIT: Damn, I just realized my PC is already 5 years old lol. Time sure flies!
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I just started this. (I *really* want to play Yakuza or Legend of Heroes, but I'm really scared to get into a long series...)

So far, I just completed the "intro". I liked it. I'm constantly fighting the field/travel camera, though. I might try a different controller to see if it's a deadzone issue, or if it's really just that. I'm not far enough to give real commentary.

* Good graphics/sound/UI options.
* Good settings, including difficulty settings.
* Voiceovers aren't obnoxious.
* All characters so far are "dark-haired white people", especially "dark-haired white boy".
* The sampling of the combat system so far could go either way. It can see it will definitely get more complex, but I hope it gets enough so that it's not an "attack attack attack" game.
* Story was IMMEDIATELY grabbing.
* Fine sound design so far too.

Once I finish lunch, I'll return to it 'til the husband comes home from work.

EDIT: The annoying camera in the field is definitely a part of the game, unless two of my controllers are being weird. It seems to love to focus on something. and you have to fight the camera to look forward instead of at whatever the game decided it wants you to look at.

EDIT2: So it turns out that, yes, two of my AmazonBasics XboxOne controllers have severe stick drift in left stick, to the point of making games unplayable. It's not an issue of this game. Switched to another-another controller and it's fine.
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