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Your own worst enemy.

ECHO, is available now, DRM-free on with a 10% launch discount until September 26, 1PM UTC.
Learn to embrace your dark side in this stealth action/adventure set inside a curious palace that exists outside of space, time, and common logic. Whether you fight, outrun, or outsmart your clones, every action will be memorized and used against you when the lights come back on.

Watch the trailer.
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I also missed out on Cryostasis. "Snag it while you can" would be a good gogmix for games like this, that might fly under people's radar but which you'd regret not getting while it was still available. Too bad that system hasn't been reimplemented, yet.
Post edited May 17, 2019 by Fortuk
It probably wouldn't hurt to send GOG some positive feedback via their support feature requesting the return of the GOGMix list.

I liked being able to browse those lists, some of them had useful information or strange ways the games listed were correlated with each other.

The "Curated Collections" feature is ok, but just isn't currently as useful as the GOGMix was. (in my opinion anyway.)
Yeah, I try to be positive towards them when i can. I find that doing so when they do something right is more helpful than getting angry at their mistakes. The mods are aware that people want it back, at the very least. The curated rate never felt like an adequate replacement for it to me, as there's no way to rate them and because they offer no explanations for their choices.

All I'd really want is to see gogmixes return, with the added ability for people to comment on them.