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Its potential finally unlocked.

EARTHLOCK is now available, DRM-free on GOG.com, 20% off until March 15, 8PM UTC. Owners of the original get this edition for free.
Extended, refined, and significantly improved in almost every way, this Extended Edition offers a fascinating experience for veterans and newcomers alike. Taking after the JRPGs of legend, it transports you back to the deceivingly adorable world of EARTHLOCK, a magically-infused place where fierce turn-based combat and the quirky cast of characters will get you hooked right away. Unless managing your very own farm gets to you first.
Anime-BlackWolf: Thanks GOG and publisher, the OST DLC appeared in my "improved" version now, too.

Very nice update, thanks a lot again!
kbnrylaec: The "new" soundtrack is checksum match with EARTHLOCK: Festival of Magic OST.
Yeah, I did not expect anything else. The OST would be identical, but owners of it would be very confused finding the "new" OST not owned otherwise. Better for our collections, better for GOGs shop system.
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If nothing else, I'm glad for the timing of this release. I got another game to work (Fear Effect Sedna) in wine just a few days ago using a particular fix (explicitly disable d3d11), and since I had to reinstall it anyway, I also tried that fix on this game and now I can finally play it.
EDIT: Whoop, already answered.
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What does the extended edition add?
auroraparadox: What does the extended edition add?
RyaReisender answered this with their link to the developer blog post about the changes. I'll just copy/paste the important bits for those not wishing to check the link out. I find Snowcastle Games' internal name for this release, Shouldhavebeenedition, to be hilarious. Anyway, I hope this helps.

Story: It’s massively changed. Almost from the start. We have added more depth, humor and character to the story and things that did not make sense before now do
Crafting: At Plumpet Island, we are happy to report that all buildings on Plumpet now have some kind of functionality
Side Quests: Yes, there are now side quests - as initially intended
Mini Games: Like treasure hunting
New scenes and characters
New and better animation
Improved cut scenes
Highly performance optimised
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