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Its potential finally unlocked.

EARTHLOCK is now available, DRM-free on, 20% off until March 15, 8PM UTC. Owners of the original get this edition for free.
Extended, refined, and significantly improved in almost every way, this Extended Edition offers a fascinating experience for veterans and newcomers alike. Taking after the JRPGs of legend, it transports you back to the deceivingly adorable world of EARTHLOCK, a magically-infused place where fierce turn-based combat and the quirky cast of characters will get you hooked right away. Unless managing your very own farm gets to you first.
I own the original version and I don't seem to have gotten this version for free. Mentioning this because not sure if that hasn't happened yet or because it's an error or oversight of some kind.
cool, how do we get the free one?
There's probably a delay in adding the game to everyone's libraries; by the time I read the news, it already showed as "Owned" for me, so it should eventually work with no input. Though it didn't add the OST, albeit since the original is still on my library with all the extras, I could just download that one instead I guess.
Thanks, my updated version arrived already. But could you PLEASE add the OST DLC for us owners, too?

It is kind of weird to see the OST now as "unowned", when I bought it alongside the normal game a few months ago. Thanks a lot in advance!
Wow, thank you so much guys for this amazing gift :)
Thanks for the free upgrade!
Is the soundtrack identical to the original release? If yes, please mark it as owned for those who already own it from the original release.
There seems to be a problem in removing the old version from your wishlist (at this time of writing). Clicking on the title card brings you to the GOG main game listing page. Unlisting from your wishlist just has the button bouncing back. I'm presuming GOG is in the process of cleaning out the old entry?
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Awesome! Thank you for the free update!
Thank you for the free upgrade!
avatar Owners of the original get this edition for free.
Thank you, GOG and Snowcastle Games! :o)
Awaiting reviews.
Okay, so now I have the original Earthlock: Festival Of Magic and the new version just called Earthlock in my library. But the old Festival Of Magic version is not available for purchase in store anymore apparantly? Guess it was completely replaced, now you can only get the version sans the subtitle.

Well in any event, perfect timing to finally get this game out of the backlog.
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I don't wanna be that guy that keeps comparing prices between here (DRM-free) and steam... but I wonder why over there is quite cheaper (at least on my local region)? (and the version there is this improved one, not the 'Festival of Magic' one)?

EDIT: There doesn't seem to be anything extra here.
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