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Combat Mission: Beyond Overlord, Combat Mission II: Barbarossa to Berlin and Combat Mission 3: Afrika Korps are now available DRM-free. Get them 10% off until end of Summer Sale Festival on June 17th, 10pm UTC.

Combat Mission Beyond Overlord is the first of the award winning and ground breaking Combat Mission game series. It recreates battles in Northwestern Europe from the June 6th 1944 Allied "D-Day" invasion of Normandy through the end of the war in May 1945.

With Barbarossa to Berlin we move to the Eastern Front. Watch as your T34s roll across the steppes of Central Russia or fight your way building to building in the Battle of Stalingrad.

Combat Mission Afrika Korps is the third and final game in the Combat Mission series. It simulates battles in the Mediterranean theater of operations, including North Africa, Italy and Crete, between 1940 and 1945.
Gandos: Beyond Overlord was indeed already here before.
Explains why I have it in my library :D
Ironic that both the Combat Mission series and The Close Combat sereis...both on GOG....started as computer versions of Avalon Hill's "Squad Leader" board game. But one Project AvalonHill pulled out of,and it went into bankruptcy duirng the other. In both cases, the game companies felt they had a good game, and decdied to go ahead just not using the Squad Leader name.
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Thank you GOG!
Been waiting for Barbarossa to Berlin a long time. I have my CD of the game but can't play it on modern systems :-( Hope this allows me to play it again. One of my favorite games ever...
Anyone want to add me as a freind and PBE or IP?
jimjones123: Anyone want to add me as a freind and PBE or IP?
YES! I usually play CMFI so going back in time really appeals to me knowing what i've learnt so far.

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