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Keep your soldiers close, keep your enemies closer.

The Close Combat series has arrived, DRM-free and up to 65% off on
Bridge Too Far, The Russian Front, and The Battle of the Bulge, three legendary top-down RTS classics chronicling the gruesome battles of WWII are finally back, exclusively on Known for their snappy AI, realistic sound design and well-researched scenarios, Close Combat games let you side with either the Germans or the Allies as you pull off smart tactical maneuvers and desperate acts of heroism.

Additionally, two of the recent entries in the series, Gateway to Caen and Panthers in the Fog, bring a modern touch to your real-time WWII battles. Relive or change history as you experience the British assault on the aftermath of the Normandy landings and the ruthlessness of the desperate German counterattack at Mortain.

The discounts last until February 13, 2PM UTC.
Ohh (one of many) childhood games arrive at Gog :)
Probably the third time I buy this games in my life. Let's hope the rest in the series join Gog as well.
I figured something big was coming this week; GOG has been too silent yesterday. Never heard of the series to be honest but they all look gorgeous and quite realistic in terms of gameplay.
Haven't these been available at matrix games for some years, certainly Gateway to Caen and Panthers in the Fog remain available there, along with a 'remaster/remake of Bridge Too Far titled 'Close Combat: Last Stand Arnhem' and indeed others in the series.

Is the exclusivity only relating to some of the games?

I would like to see other wargames like the Battleground Series games, and Eastern Front/West Front (all from Talonsoft) get a gog release.

Great releases!

Now I hope you're going to pursue Combat Mission games as well, because it's a real shame only the first one is avaible.
Hell yeah !

''The Russian Front' is my second most favor ww-2 theme game.
I remember this series fondly; will likely buy it at some stage.

EDIT: Nevermind the attached pic. They have since added the manuals.
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high rated
MadalinStroe: Is the first in the series missing? Apparently they even remade 2+3+4+5, but the first was again ignored.
What's up with that?
List of all Close Combat games

The first game is missing.
The fifth game - based on the Normandy landings - isn't released here yet either.
I'd expect those and more to arrive over the next few days/weeks.

Most people consider the second game to be the best in the entire series due to the bridge capturing mechanics, 1977 all star film and/or attempting to reverse actual history. The game's box artwork is also very memorable.

Quite a few people like the third which takes place on the eastern front.

Then there's Matrix's releases:
> Modern Tactics
> Gateway to Caen
> Panthers in the Fog
> Last Stand Arnhem (Close Combat 2 revisioning) # A bit different to the original. Not just an compatibility update.
> Cross of Iron (Close Combat 3 remake)
> Wacht am Rhein (Close Combat 4 remake)
> The Longest Day (Close Combat 5 remake)

It's debatable whether the new Matrix releases offer anything substantially better over the original Atomic releases.
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Never heard of this series, but "good old games" are always welcome. Why is the first one missing though?
I must admit I've never played any of this series, but it really looks nice. WWII is one of my all-time favorite themes so I will have to look in to these more. As a completionist I hope the missing titles join the catalog as well. Thanks for the releases, GOG and Slitherine!
Well done GOG and Slitherine. :)

I too am curious why the first game is missing. My guess would be technical issues.

More wishlist votes than I expected, nifty:
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These games make me feel ashamed. I bought the first two or three Close Combat games in the late 90s as I had read so many glowing reviews of them (especially the first two).

Since then, the CDs have been just sitting in the cupboard, and from time to time I do recall I should really check them out. I kept promising and promising myself to play them at some point, not sure why I never did. Other games caught my attention I guess.

MadalinStroe: I know next to nothing about the series, so I'm asking here hoping somebody knows. Is the first in the series missing?
Yes seems to be missing. This is a guess, but I seem to recall the first game may be a 16-bit Windows game, or at least it is a very early Windows 95 game. So I wouldn't be surprised there are simply technical reasons why it can't be brought back to life. But, this is just a guess.

The screenshots of the game have a very "Windows 3.1"-ish look in them, the game runs in a basic Windows window with normal menus and shit. Maybe I try the CD version at some point, maybe. Just to see whether it runs on Windows 7/64bit, and if not, whether 32bit Windows XP runs them fine.,56413/

EDIT: In fact, even if the game did run (ie. it is not a 16bit Windows application), the issue might be that those game windows are just too tiny on modern PCs with high resolutions, originally meant for desktop resolutions like 640x480, 800x600 or max 1024x768.
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I remember playing the hell out of the demo of A Bridge Too Far when I was a kid. IIRC it was bundled with Windows 98 or an Age of Empires game.

It's an instabuy! :D

For me it's the most wtf releases in months heh. In the most awesome way that is!
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Fantastic pickup GoG!

Great classics, nice genre and I love the slower paced real time wargames. It was really special what they did with these and nice to see them here.
Yay, more Slitherine games. To bad I don't have time to play so wishlist it is for now.