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La-va land.

UPDATE: Any maelstrom of relentless brutality needs some kickass music to truly shine. <span class="bold">BUTCHER's Extended OST</span> includes the original game soundtrack, as well as extended versions and bonus tracks, in a list of 28 hard-hitting tunes that will make you anxious for the next bloodbath.
The soundtrack is 10% off until February 1st, 2:00PM UTC.

<span class="bold">BUTCHER</span>, an unapologetically gory 2D sidescroller where you KILL ALL HUMANS, is available now for Windows, Mac, and Linux, DRM-free on

The machines won, humanity is pretty much extinct, so what's the purpose of these last surviving meatbags, anyway? No matter - they'll be excellent cannon fodder for your cyborg that's assigned on cleanup duty. Gear up in your full metal jacket and go chase these organic pests out of their underground hideouts, through the remains of their devastated cities, and inside thick jungles. Exercise creative brutality using your shotguns, grenade launchers, and chainsaws to splatter bloody pixels all over the place as you mow down the stubborn humans in a mad festival of hardcore slaughter. Your occasional death (or do cyborgs prefer "retirement"?) is inevitable but so is the ridiculous amount of satisfaction that this old-school carnage will offer you.

Go hunting and exterminate all humans from the face of the planet, as the merciless <span class="bold">BUTCHER</span>, DRM-free on
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Reminds me of Slain, but I will wait how it will fare in reviews.
avatar The 10% discount will last until September 12
Well, at least I can rest easy knowing the artist had a really easy job.
Meh, no.
Give you a quid for it in a future sale....maybe.
The trailer made me laugh out loud. But I don't know it this is my cup of tea. I'll wait for a few reviews.
avatar The 10% discount will last until September 12
vicklemos: DAMN! ;P
Looks like someone has a sticky Caps Lock.
Wow! So happy to see this on GOG. Bought! Thank you for releasing it here.
According to the trailer, the devs abused a bit too much of the shake-screen effects when firing. I hope it can be turned off in the options.
I had a lot of fun with this when I played the early beta demo for it. Glad to see it is on gog. Brought.
Well, this makes sense.

"Hatred" was rejected by GOG.

But this is the low-res, low-effort, shitty pixelated hipster version of the exact same concept... so it's a shoo-in.
Prototype is available here: link

Based on having played it a few days ago: aesthetically it reminds me of Abuse somewhat, gameplay is more like a floatier Teeworlds. The death animations are great fun. I was won over when at one point the entire room went from black to red, due to excessive amounts of blood. Which is to say, the right amounts :)

So, what I'd like to know: 1) is this still a Javascript game? 2) are the controls, especially jumping, still so damn floaty?

Edit: You can download it here if you'd prefer to play it outside the browser: link
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I like platformers, but this one might be a little too fast-paced for me.
Damn, that's one ugly game. I mean seriously, we're talking some weapons-grade shit-looking graphics here.