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A handful of magic.

Death Gate is now available, DRM-free on
Rich in text, detailed fantasy drawings and challenging puzzles, this cult classic first-person adventure will take you through a dark tale of exile and bitter revenge. Years after his race got unfairly banished from the five realms by the advanced Sartan, a young hero must journey through all of them and collect the seal pieces that will help his people restore their place in the world. The road is paved with trouble and unexpected obstacles but his allies and magic abilities could be the key to saving the day!
wow, never heard of it but it looks really good. insta bought
What a coincidence...about a week ago I was trying to install this from a CD I have and with no luck.
Nice addition. From little I played it long time ago I found it pretty creepy at first but the atmosphere becomes more likeable as you play it more.
low rated
oh boy oh boy, what about galaxy achievemts for death gate? are they already implemented?
high rated
Nice, with adding Legend Entertainment adventures GOG is completing the classic adventure section. Legend Entertainment is a follower company of Infocom and had some really nice adventures, point & click but also interactive fiction. I never really played much of them, but when it comes to good old adventure games they are often named beside of the usual ones (Sierra, LucasArts, Infocom, etc). So I'm looking forward to see more releases of them here on gog.

And talking about completing the classic adventure section: I still hope that someday we get all the other games from Infocom here. Also the games from Magnetic Scrolls would be nice to round out the Interactive Fiction section.
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I liked this adventure! :)
(btw, aren't the screenshots a bit too spoilery?)
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high rated
I hope it means other Legend Entertainment games are coming soon.
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Finally! Looking forward for more adventures from Legend! (in fact the whole catalog :) )
Tiger Men/10
Well, I liked this game back then and it is a great addition to GOG's library.
Why doesn't GOG release any more Good Old games!? I'm tired of this bul.....oh wait.

Now all we need is "Tass Times in Tone Town" and my retro collection will be complete! :D

And am I the only one who thinks SLP2000's avatar looks a lot like Queen Amidala from Ep 1?
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I wasn't expecting this to come here (though it's appreciated, I haven't played it in over a decade) since it's a licensed game. Does that mean there's a chance for Shannara as well?
What a coincidence, I am currently on Book 2 - Elven Star - of the Deathgate saga (yes, read it years ago, but fancied re-reading it as the books are pretty good, it Weiss and Hickman so hard to not be) and this comes out. Never actually played the original, although it is on the very long list to play at some point. Will pick it up in a sale.
Oh, I loved this game, back in the day!
So lovely to see it here. ( :
Bought, of course!

Hope we see more games from Legend here, soon.

Thanks GOG.