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A handful of magic.

Death Gate is now available, DRM-free on
Rich in text, detailed fantasy drawings and challenging puzzles, this cult classic first-person adventure will take you through a dark tale of exile and bitter revenge. Years after his race got unfairly banished from the five realms by the advanced Sartan, a young hero must journey through all of them and collect the seal pieces that will help his people restore their place in the world. The road is paved with trouble and unexpected obstacles but his allies and magic abilities could be the key to saving the day!
I've read here and there that it received prizes at release and it is loosely based on the first four books of the saga. I will buy this, not now because I don't want to drop what I am currently playing.
Also I can see the same house made Callahan's Crosstime Saloon among others. That's a game I have always been curious about as it seems very quirky. I welcome Legend Entertainement in the catalogue.
What Duke and SLP said above. This year sure is off to a good start.
Salute, Piko Interactive.
I just checked the Legend Entertainment catalogue. I had NO IDEA! :P Very impressive.
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Lackluster, which is to be expected at this time of the year. Especially so since the lack of a release yesterday hinted at the possibility of a big multi-release event or something a bit more interesting coming today.

But as always, good that it's here for those that want it.
Never heard of it but gfx looks amazing.
high rated
What a great looking classic game (that comes with a Linux version plus nice extras -- i've always preferred pdf files rather than wallpapers or avatars to be honest) to have as the first GOG release of 2018; i think it's a good omen of nice things to come here. :)
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ZOMG! Does that mean there'll be more Legend Entertainment releases in the future? Please say "yes" :).

Looking forward to replaying Frederik Pohl's Gateway and Companions of Xanth again - maybe even some of the rest of the catalogue I never got around to ...
I hope this means "Eric the Unready" will be here soon. :)
Great release. Saw this one on a pc mag LONG ago and never got the chance to check it.
Not being picky hell no but it's a bit different in terms of pricing than the other 2 Piko releases in here... wonder why! :P
Good price still!
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This is a *fantastic* adventure game and I am thrilled to see it here on GOG. Hopefully it will be the first of many games from the Legend Entertainment catalogue.

Thank you, GOG!!
Cool! Legend had been one of the most conspicuous absentees from GOG until this one. Hopefully we get more of their catalog soon, along with more Infocom games.
Death Gate :P
One of adventure classics and Linux version on day one? Thanks GOG! That's nice.

I've never heard of this title, but I'll play it for sure. Wishlisted for now.