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Especially since much of many country's MSM is more or less the same there days.
Animals mimicking people. People mimicking animals. And a black cat mimicking a clock. ;)

Chewbacca's howl and that cat crack scene had me in tears! XD
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Pigeons push pigeon in front of moving train
BlueMooner: Pigeons push pigeon in front of moving train
That is attempted murder.
millions of dead mfkers

No title for this

Here she comes

Repost, but worth

I’ll tell em supernatural was based on a true story

Any Icewind Dale II fans out there? This is the Targos Town theme.

People are terrible.


Darwin’s Defeat

Solar Eclipse From the International Space Station

Poorly planned knobs

Master of the (cat) Universe

Barbarian dump

I am the professional they need.

Water Physics in Games (2004-2020)

RPG inspiration art

How did he not get a gold for this?

People who disappear.
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Well most of them are true

These two captivated kittens watching a classic Tom & Jerry cartoon. Adorable!
Wealth in the US, shown to scale
How to escape the unescapeable choke hold. :)

Just a reminder that always remember to think out of the box...
Useful A website hosting a list of open source game clones
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My first thoughts: this new entry to the CARS film series looks a bit off

My second thoughts: can it play Cyberpunk 2077?
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Erica Khan - How The Covid19 Vax Will Make Your Immune System Attack And Destroy Your Own Body - Listen
As someone who took typing classes in high school and then later transitioned to my first home computer, this clip made me laugh out loud! xD
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